Monday, September 6, 2010

Rules for Talisman Construction

I got this method from a pawang/bomoh or also known as a local shaman.

1. Prepare a quiet room with mat, tobaccos, benzoin, incense burner, bowl, plate, yellow cloth and paper, cup, quill, ink (saffaron ink + musk oil + rose water).

2. Abstain from intimate acts one day before the creation of talisman.

3. Fast from dawn to dusk for one day.

4. Best timing:
 a. White magic: 2am (use saffaron ink + musk oil+ rose water)
 b. Black magic: 4pm (use blood from accident victim or black cock)

5. Direction to face:
a. Monday & Friday: East
b. Saturday & Sunday: West
c. Tuesday & Wednesday: North
d. Thursday: South

6. Recommended days according to Islamic month:
a. Day 2, 3, 5, 13, 16, 21, 24, 25

7. Method:
a. Commence with a holy wash.
b. Before talisman creation, light a white candle and burn benzoin incense.
c. Start-off the ritual with an opening prayer.
d. After completed the talisman, hold the talisman with both hands and smudge the talisman for 10 minutes, concentrate on the talisman and think of what you want to accomplish.
e. Recite relevant prayers while fixing your view at the talisman.

The above is one example of many of talisman creation and charging methods.

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