Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Mao Shan Invulnerability(神功)

This practice is called “Shen Kung(神功)” or the “the devine practice”; it is almost equivalent to the practice of “Tenaga Dalam”. This knowledge was previously kept secretive by Mao Shan Taoist. I published it in the hope to prevent such knowledge from vanishing. Well, what is the purpose of knowledge if it is not intended to be used?

• First choose a clean and spacious space, preferably in door with an alter set-up.

• Move away furniture to prevent tripping.

• Practice this exercise 3 times a day: Morning, noon and night.

• Burn 3 pieces of stick incense of any kind.

• Stand straight and relax breath slowly and let air into ‘dantian’, exhale slowly. Repeat 3x.

• Fill a bowl with yin-yang water (cold water + hot water). Hold the bowl with your left palm, use the “sword mudra” to write the below talisman (1) and (2) on the surface of the water. Recite mantra below7x:



“The power of Mao Shan disciple extends up to the sky, one holy talisman has unlimited uses, after consuming this yin-yang water from the top of the mountain, my kung fu is as if dragon’s walk and tiger’s pace.”

• Knocking your teeth 36x by moving your jaw, inhale air from 5 directions (east-south-west-north-middle) for 1x.

• Recite mantra below 7x and relax your mind.


二指地府開, 弟子練神功,請茅山祖師來。”

“Give it a quick whipping, O elder from the West Mountain. I point once and the gate of heaven moves, and I point twice, the gate of hell opens, disciple wanted to practice divine arts, Mao Shan grand master please come.”

• Stand/sit still for a while: if successful, your breathing will accelerate, and your body will vibrate and followed by hand and leg movements. Some may play kung-fu.

• In normal condition, the movement will stop automatically. But if it is difficult to stop, get some cold water. Use the “sword mudra” to dip into the water and touch the area between the brows (3rd eye) 3x, followed by striking both shoulders with both palms and say “be gone!”

• It is best to practice under supervision.

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  1. Hello Mr Shih,

    Would you be able to post the mantra in pinyin? So I could recite it in Chinese?

    Thank you