Thursday, September 2, 2010

Three Basic Principals to Choose a Dwelling

The applied Feng Shui is constituted by two portions: The external environment and the flying star positions. None can be applied alone. However, one need not dig into too many theories to find a potential dwelling.

At a very high level, the basic points to choose a dwelling place are as follows:

1. Is the place of your choice adjacent to your children’s schooling or near your work place? If excessive traveling is required; then the cost of ownership would be a burden in long run due to additional traveling expenses.

2. Is the brightness of the place sufficient; if the place is too dark, then it is very easy to attract spirits.

3. Security issues also need to be considered. If the place of choice is a mansion situated in a rural area, then the property is vulnerable to theft and robbery. If the house is situated on a hill top, then it might be subjected to the attack of wind element and mists; hence cold and wet. An occupant might suffer from rheumatism.

The above is not an exhausted list; we will look into more detailed considerations based on Feng Shui principals. There are some places that are best to be left alone at all costs.

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