Monday, September 6, 2010

The Flag of The Black Order (黑令旗)

The are a few types of black flags in Taoist practices:

1. The black flag of the North Legionnaire, as in the "Practice of Five Legionnaires".

2. The black flag that is used to conjure spirits in one region. This flag is normally erected outside of a Taoist temple. Some people make use of green bamboo as flag pole with some bamboo leaves on the bamboo for added power to attract spirits. A black magic practitioner will use blood from accident victims to empower this flag to give it additional attraction to more powerful spirits.

3. The flag is used for path clearing during a Taoist god/goddess procession ceremony. Below is an illustration:

4. This flag is also given to a disciple when he/she has completed his/her studies and intended to operate a temple. This indicates the empowerment of the patron god/goddess to the new temple.

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