Friday, September 10, 2010

Conjuring Spirits Within You (If Any)

Here's a simple way to invoke a khodam/spirit In You. If you are still wandering why there wasn’t a khodam appear evocation after evocation, chances are that the khodam had already attached to your aura. Below is a simple way to call up the khodam/spirit:

1. Fast on Thursday from dawn to dusk, do not eat meat or eggs when breaking fast. Before the fast, express your intention for this fast as: “Nawaitu shoma ghodin liqodi hajati sunatan lillahi ta’ala”

2. After the fast, on Friday mid-night, take a shower and wear non-alcholic perfume. Find a corner that is dark and quiet and would not be disturbed.

3. Perform sholat hajat 2 rakat, remain seated after prayer.

4. Recite al-fatehah to prophet, 4 angels, 4 friends of prophet and Syeh Abdul Qodir Al Jalaini.

5. Recite: “ASSALAMMUALAIKUM YA KHODAMUL MINAL BADANI” (21x) then say (be present – be present – be present) while hitting the floor with your palm.

6. Recite in your mind and slowly:-

7. “Yaa bathin” (1000x)

a. If your body has a khodam, it will appear. If it does appear, greet it. Start communicates with it; ask for a quicker way to invoke it.

8. If still nothing appear, recite: “SYAMHAHIRIN SYAMDHOHIRIN” (1000x)

a. If it comes, do not forget to ask it for a quicker way to invoke it.


1. This ritual must be done in a dark room without any light.

2. Before prayer, set up your protective circle.

3. It is normal that the spirit communicate with you in a dream. So be patient.


  1. pls write following ayat in arebic with zer zabar.
    do we have say "be present" in english or in arebic?
    what mean of(be present – be present – be presen) in arebic?

  2. AOA sir
    how r u?
    pls reply my comments
    hope to hear from u soon.
    Allah haafiz

  3. please can you help me i want to astra project(out of body ex)