Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shamanic Ghost Ritusl (沙門煉鬼術)

This is a branch of Chinese Buddhist sorcery in binding and employment of spirits of the youth; mainly single between 10 to 18 years old. There is a black joke amongst these types of sorcerers, “Dead or alive, you are mine…”

This type of spirit conjuration is quite advance as the sorcerer must already have some foundation in meditation and must have considerable experience in magical rites and be able to perceive the presence of spirits; and capable to protect him/her from the harm of the spirit to be bound.

There are four stages in this type of conjuration:

1.      To source and bind a potential young human spirit
a.       First, a sorcerer must find a new young spirit who has died less than seven days.
b.      Write down its name on a piece of small wood; prepare a small coffin as a container.
c.       Prepare a red string, a talisman for sealing the coffin and some offerings such as flowers, incense and some food stuffs.
d.      Go to the grave of the person after 4pm. Best to be done at mid-night.
e.       Stand in silence in front of the grave, present the offering. Hold the piece of the wood inscribed with the name in your projecting hand. Stare at the tomb stone and do the spirit evocation.
f.       As soon as the presence of the spirit is observed, point the wood at the spirit and say, “by the name on this wood, you are bound!”
g.      After the intended spirit has attached to the wood, put the piece of wood immediately into the small coffin; wrap with the talisman and use the red string to wind the coffin 7x.
h.      All movements must be swift so as not to attract attention.

2.      To train the bounded ghost
a.       Now, put the small coffin in the altar and begin the process of training.
b.      Prepare some food, drinks and flows if it is a female spirit twice daily.
c.       Do the incantations for 49 days consecutively.

3.      To employ the ghost
a.       After the 49 days of training period, then the spirit is ready for working.
b.      Before you want to go out, open the seal and the coffin cover; give instruction to the spirit as of your intention.
c.       Just say, “Follow me to meet my Boss …” for example.
d.      If the spirit is kept for more than 7 years, then it can materialize itself for about 2~3 minutes: Open the coffin cover, and command it to come out.

4.      To release the ghost before the death of the sorcerer
a.       The spirit MUST be released before the death of the sorcerer.
b.      Failing to do that, blood will ooze out from the sorcerer’s eyes, nose, ears and mouth.
c.       To release the spirit the sorcerer must go to a forest with the coffin. Put the coffin on the floor, and put a bunch of wild grass on the coffin and say, “With this we are part, no link nor relations!” The sorcerer must leave the place without turning his/her back.

I smiled each time when I watch horror movies where a lady wears red and wanted to commit suicide; so that she can be turned into vengeful ghost to harm her enemies … well, my answer is always, “Dead or alive, you’re welcome!”

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