Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Money Is Not Enough!!!

The Science of Supernatural  bank/ money
Behind the realm of human, there are other realms such as the realm of nature (nature spirits) or “lelembut”; who have a culture similar to our nature. They also possess property and places of storage, a type of bank or called “Baitul Mal”.
With the help of inner science, human beings can communicate with nature spirits and ask that if the spirits would part some of their treasure to us. Regardless of the treasure types: heritage, agate, precious objects and so forth.

People who used to do tirakat (riyadloh) since young are easier to "withdraw" the treasure. As for beginners, it needs some patience. Through the science of occult, you will possess the wealth of the supernatural nature. Amongst the ways / kaifiyah are:

I. The Knowledge of Al-Waqi’ah

To get wealth directly from nature, please do as follows:
• Perform mutih fast on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, open and meal with plain water and white rice only.
• During the fasting, recite Surat Al-Waqi’ah every day for as many as 114 times. (In three days three nights means 114 x 4 = 342).

• Wear fragrances that do not contain alcohol. Purify your thought (soul) and avoid sunlight.

• Recite Surat Al-Waqi'ah in a special quiet room, not too bright, and sleep in the room at night time.

• Burn some incense such as Arabic benzoin, aloes wood etc.

After the completion of the ritual, pray to God asking sustenance directly from nature Jin. If your practice is fruitful then treasures such as:  jewellery and other valuable objects would be found around the ritual room or around the house.

The objects need not be sought because you will hear the voice of the unseen, to take the gift from nature spirits/lelembut.
Sometimes, although in prayer we ask for gold, which emerged was not necessarily a real gold. According to Al-Hikmah experts, the more earnest in prayer, also a person of spiritual elevation is another factor that will determine the value of object one gets.

II. Turn Paper into Money

·         Prepare a few pieces of paper the size of the currency note that you want the paper to turn into.
·         Inscribe on each paper the al-kawthar verse.
·         Hold the paper between your palms and recite al-kawthar verse 1000x, after each recitation recite:
o   “aahin aahin syarhiilin wabarhuddin wanaudajin wa’asqiiran if’ aluu ayyuhal khuddaamu maa amartukum bihii min tabdiilil kaaghadi dzahaban bihaqqi syarhiilin zajarin.”
·         When the recitation is completed, open your hands and by the grace of the God, the paper bills would have turned into money.

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  1. Liewsp1, I don't know the amount of thanks and appreciation that can express my feeling about this post. Certainly, your reward comes from God. I'm ever grateful to you and what I have to say for now is, just keep the good work and very soon the site will draw an incalculable traffic to itself. I will give the rituals a try. All the best. God Bless you!!!!!!!!!


  2. thank you very much.I tried the second with Surah Kawthar with no success.Would you please tell me the time to do it and give the arabic version of the invocation that folloWs it?
    I am from cote d'ivoire (west africa) my email is:
    May God bless you.

  3. Salaam alaikum
    pls write this “aahin aahin syarhiilin wabarhuddin wanaudajin wa’asqiiran if’ aluu ayyuhal khuddaamu maa amartukum bihii min tabdiilil kaaghadi dzahaban bihaqqi syarhiilin zajarin.”
    in arebic with zer zabar

  4. Please could you show me the surah that can be used to conjure money?thank and hope to hear from you via

  5. Please, which time and day to do that of surah_kawthar, and incense if need SADAMYAHAYA1990@GMAIL.COM.