Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Benefits of Ayat 5: Qaf 50

According to Sheikh Abu Al-`Abbas Ahmad Al-Buni, there are four chapters in sequence in Al-Qur`an, which in each chapter there is one verse that has ten Qaf letters. Some scholars add a verse from Sura ar-Ra `d, so in total becomes five paragraphs. All of the 5 paragraphs are: * Al-Baqarah: 246 * Ali Imran: 181 * An-Nisa: 77 * Al-Maidah: 27 * Ar-Ra `d: 16 Some pious people believe that the religious teachers of God set out some of the merits and benefits for the one who recites Ayat 5 constantly is  as follows:
  • God always protect these people from the persecution of their enemies.
  • People who see that person will feel scared and love he/her.
  • If you go into the house of cruel people who want to do mayhem against you, by the grace of the God will not succeed.
  • As it is narrated by Abi Thoolib Sayyidinaa Ali Ibni Karromallahu Rasulullaah Wajhah of SAW has said "whoever read Ayat five each day, and within each subsection there are ten Qaf, or make a talisman in writing and wear on his/her head; God would sent forth twelve thousand angels to bring grace to that person; keep him/she away from bad deeds, and dangers. And God made for that person six hundred garden of red sapphire paradise in the heaven.
  • If any officer / sultan practice this verse, God will strengthen his position, to help in the victory and perfected his power and rank and subject all kings, ministers, high officials, the little people, animals and others to him.
  • And mentioned in the commentary Shoohibul 'araa'is: "Whoever with reads this Ayat 5 with devotion, he/she will  survive the plague, poison, black magic and all the things that harms because of the blessing of Ayat 5."


  1. What is the hadith reference for this?

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  3. I dont untherstand.qaf ayah. Should we read the chapter baqara imran and so and so

  4. That hadith is mind your business