Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Army of Five Legionnaires (五營兵將)

If you happen to walk into a Chinese Taoist temple, you may notice five figures as shown in the picture. They are known as the “5 army heads of the five legionnaires.”

The dragon head figure is the “dragon whip” to drive away evil prior to the commencement of any ritual; and of cause to punish the 5 legionnaires if they are disobedient.

Some practice subdivided the 5 legionnaires into:

1. The inner legionnaires

a. The armies of god/goddess

2. The outer legionnaires

a. The armies of spirits from 5 directions: North, East, South, West and Center

The practice of Five Legionnaires is very powerful as it recruits spirits from all 5 directions in the vicinity. It is said that without the “5 legionnaires” a Taoist cannot perform miracles, and this is the must have set up for all establish Taoist temples.

To recruit the “5 legionnaires”, the practitioner must prepare offerings as shown above twice a month: i.e. on the 1st day and 15th day of Chinese lunar month. In addition to the above one must add 5 meats: chicken, duck, pork, eggs and fish; not forgetting 5 small cups of liquor.

The mantra reads:

“I raise the 5 flags to conjure the 5 legionnaires, thousands and thousands of armies; together with the 5 generals who are armed with amours, spears and swords. I hold the military order in my right hand to mobilize the 5 legionnaires.

So, let the 5 legionnaires march on the road as I lead on my horse.

So, let the 5 legionnaires built castles; indeed the 5 great demonic generals;

The 5 generals with the powers of the 5 mountains;

The 5 generals with 5 faces is named (.. Your Name ..),

The 5 generals with the powers of 5 flowers and 5 waters,

I command the 5 great generals with 5 flags,

Oh arise with power and might, my 5 generals with my hundred thousands armies,

Please enjoy my offerings of meats and liquor,

I thank my generals for returning my offerings with money and prosperity,

My mantra is powerful, as my will so mote it be!”

If your worship is fruitful, then very soon you will feel your power growing. For best results do set up the altar of the 5 legionnaires in a spacious area. But first, ask your self this question: can you handle groups of spirits in your altar ;-) ?


  1. hi.this is my first time to go to your blog. this ritual is very interesting. may i ask for actual experiences? or some stories of effects you may have heard?

  2. this is my actual experience. I got this method very accidently from a stranger in Singapore; it is special because the incantation is different from the normal ones.

  3. Hi,

    This sounds so like the ngor ya initation I received. Can it be? Pl. confirm if u r Liew Shih Ya. Thnx!