Friday, September 10, 2010

The Spirit of a Banana Plant (芭蕉精)

Local Chinese believe that some banana plants have spirit dwellers. This is especially true that if a banana plant is smeared with human blood; hence the banana plantation workers are very careful when working around banana plants. These types of spirits are normally manifested as female spirits. In the perspective of feng shui, banana plants are said of ‘yin’ type and tend to attract spirits.

Legend has it that the lady spirit of a banana plant is extremely beautiful and can be summoned for various purposes. These rituals must be done when a banana plant is blossoming:

1. Spirit evocation:

a. Go to the chosen banana plant preferably at a full-moon night with some incense, candles, seven pieces of red string and some food offerings.

b. Once you are under the plant, set up the offering and burn candles and incense. Tie the seven red stirrings on banana blossom; with one of the strings lead to your bed room.

c. Draw talisman 1 and put under your pillow and don’t let others know.

d. Sleep on the talisman and recite: “The goddess of banana, as I summon you, come and show yourself tonight, order from the gods; I command you to show yourself, in the order of grand master Shan-shan-jiu-hou; so make haste!” for an unlimited number of time until the spirit appears.

e. Remove talisman 1 to let the spirit depart.

f. A word of caution: this is a very attractive creature, be on your guard.

2. Prediction of lottery numbers:

a. Prepare some small red triangle paper flags with the poles made from toothpicks. Inscribe numbers 0 to 9 on the flags.

b. Prepare a piece of long red cloth, inscribe on the cloth talisman 2 with black ink.

c. Go to a banana plant at night, burn some incense and candles; tie the red cloth on the banana blossom, stick paper flags that you have prepared under the plant and leave the place.

d. Return in the morning, the fallen flags would be the numbers that the spirit has predicted.

e. Burn talisman 2 with some paper money under the banana plant and leave.


  1. Great information and what I was asking fro before. All tree related spirit work is of great interest of mine.