Friday, September 3, 2010

A Jinni Conjuration Method

There are many conjuration methods such as those described in the Greater and Lesser Key of King Solomon, the “hantu raya” invocation and the Mao Shan style spirit conjurations techniques. Techniques can be complex or simple; but I would prefer those techniques that I can memorize by heart.

Performing a conjuration in one’s house is very ideal indeed; but performing it out door has its excitements and challenges. Let’s explore another example of conjuration methods design for outdoor:

1. First, do some jinni hunting. Use feng shui or “tenaga dalam” methods to find out the dwelling place of a powerful jinni. The best time to do this is at 4pm onwards.

2. Prepare below items:

a. Two candles: one black, one white; or one red, one white.

b. One container and fuel (wood, paper, some alcohol) for burning.

c. A small stone that you want the jinni to attach to.

d. Some offerings: incense, biscuits or any dry staffs that can produce large quantity of smoke.

e. Some water.

3. Go to the place of your choice on or before the day of full moon, 4pm onwards.

4. The conjuration procedure:

a. Lay the container on the ground and put fuel into the container, followed by the small stone.

b. Burn some incense to attract the jinni.

c. Light the candles and use them to light the fuel in the container. (Do pay particular attention to fire outbreak if you are performing the ritual in a forest; we don’t want to burn down the entire forest).

d. As the fuel is burning, break the biscuits into small pieces and throw into the flame. Make your intention known by the jinni that the food offering is for it to consume.

e. Pray by asking the jinni in your own words to come and attach itself to the stone.

f. Meditate for a while as you observe the offering burns.

g. Wait until the offering are completely burnt and cooled; pick up the stone and extinguish the candles.

h. Confirm that the jinni has attached to stone using the “tenaga dalam” or pendulum or the like.

i. Wash the stone with water.

j. Clean the place after the ritual, do not leave any items; take care of the cleanliness of our nature.

5. Bonding with the jinni:

a. Carry the stone with you for a few weeks, smudge it with incense periodically.

b. Meditate before the stone regularly.

c. Don’t worship the jinni but respect it: remember that you are still the master and it is the helper. Be discrete in accepting its information.

6. To release the jinni:

a. If for some reasons that you decided not to have the jinni, then put the stone in a pouch and hang it on a tree branch in the forest in the morning after the full moon. Leave the place but do not turn your head.

Well, here you are a complete ritual for jinni conjuration.

No. The jinni is not evil, compare to your boss that put pressure on you every day; nor the jinni is more evil that your best pal that shakes your hands but back stabbing you at your back. You got the idea.

(This article is intended for sharing purposes only. Practice this ritual at your discretion.)


  1. OH please friend help me to conjuring any one of spirit and it method and circle i am new guy from Ghana please help me my em:(

  2. i m not a djinn expert but by attaching a djinn to a stone woudn t you take take him from from he s family?As far as i know they really hate that.

    1. Very thoughtful of U. Basically there are two types of djinn: the roaming ones and the ones that stay put at one location. The roaming ones are those that people wanted to attract for service. It is just like having a contract with d djinn; it stay put in d stone, but the master has to feed it. Many djinn like to stay with human beings.

  3. I understand now.They are like servitor spirits.The question is : how do u know if it s a roaming spirit?:)

    1. For d ordinary people, a conjuration is same as an open invitation for a job; only d interested spirit would take it. But for an experienced magician of course, a djinn can be forced into a stone. Normally, we respect a djinn's own free will.. Unless there is really a need to capture it with mantra. ;-)

    2. That s s interesting , it s the first time when i m hearing this.In this case the djinn aren t dangerous for the person who s doing the invocation?
      I ve heard that people get possessed by the djinn. Usually for evocations of any kind are protective circles are used.I n this case this isn t because the the djinn is freely is accepting the partnership?

    3. Djinn are still dangerous. Invocation should only be done by an experienced person. Protective circles are still needed, I didn't mentioned it because as a magician; those are d basics. There is no free lunch, there is a price to pay for djinn also, of course.. ;-)

  4. Most of the people when are hearing about the jinns think about the power but they forget about the dangers and they and up hurt or traumatized.

    1. Yup. I would treat it as a balance of power: Your power = Djinn power; only that the djinn can be brought under your control. If your power is weak, then the djinn power you get is also weak. Believe it. ;-)

  5. i guess that doesn t count if u try to conjure a djinn king , but off course not everyone can conjure a djinn king :)

    1. D problem is ppl dun know what has come, and what has not.. When they realise that, it is already too late :P

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