Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Complete Djinn Conjuration Ritual

It has been a while that I drop djinn stuffs off my mind. This is just to refresh my memories:

Below are my usual steps of performing djinn conjurations.

The basics of djinn conjuration:
1. Wear clean and appropriate clothing.
2. Consume non-meat products during the day of conjuration.
3. Clean your ritual room or the place where conjuration is going to take place.
4. Ideally your ritual room should be empty.
5. The conjuration should be performed after 12am till 3am.
6. Burn some sweet incense.
7. Avoid long conversation, best having no conversation at least 1 hour before the conjuration.
8. If you are tired during the conjuration, you can rest on a straight chair.
9. Take a ritual bath prior to conjuration.
10. During the hours before and after conjuration, recite regularly the Sholawat Nabi prayer.
11. The Surat Al-Jinn verse should be chanted prior to the conjuration.
12. During the recitations, sit in the prayer position.
13. Do not doubt the operation, be sincere and request only one thing at a time.

Empowerment (only have to perform once)
1. First, get yourself a conjuration ring (any ring with holy script inscribed).
2. Fast from dawn to dusk for 9 days.
3. During the fasting period, recite the prayer below for 900x after every obligatory prayer.
"Wakadzaalika nurii ibraahiima malakuutas samaawaati wal ardhi waliyakuunna minalmuuqiniin."

Djinn Conjuration Proper:
Necessary Items:
1. A mirror
2. An item for the djinn to bound to.
3. A black whiteboard marker
4. An unscented black candle, a white candle and a red candle.

Setting up the area:
1.A quite room, no plants or pets around.
2.Set up the candle in this order: white, red, black infront of the mirror.

Begin the spell:
1.Say the following words 3x to "open the gates":
"Allah shafim barat shiu kamir"
2. Light the candle in this order: white, black, red.
3. Choose your djinn by first, write on the mirror: "Ali Allah hamal Jinni"
4. After the work 'Jinni', if you want a male, write "Muschna" or "Vamir" for female.
5. Then write "alamin".
6. Now, if you want a Marid, write "Majirr Al-Amar". For an Ifrit, write "Flamarr Al-Amari". For a Sila, write "Shamal Al-Amari". Then write the following "Closun ontei".
7.Now, say "I wish you to be physically and spiritually bound to this (object)."
8. Then say "in exchange for your mortal services, I offer you a certain amount of my own energies."
9. Perform a short meditation.
10. To close the spell, say "En tien Allah cluman." 3x.
11. Blow out the candle in the following ordder: red-black-white.
12. Wipe out the writing on the mirror.

Communication with the Djinn:
1. Have the djinn close to you, right before you go to bed, do a 10-15minutes meditation on the question you would like the djinn to answer.
2. Go to sleep immediately. The djinn will appear in your dreams.

Don't try this ritual if your religion prevents you to do so. This is only for your reading pleasure and to refresh my memory.


  1. Hello,pls what is the meaning of "The Room Should Be Empty"?This is regrads to jinn ritual.
    Second Question,can someone do genie invocation in the room where people are staying since morning till evening,but they will leave the room b4 one start ritual.Pls can ritual do in this room work?

    1. 1. The room should be empty. No objects other than the ritual items.

      2. NO.

  2. Don't invoke Jinn if you don't know the incantations and names of the Elohim and the Archangels to bind them with. Don't bother playing with these beings unless you have a really good reason and the proper Wicha for safe performance of the rite. This is a very interesting and wonderful article but please advise readers, dont do this unless you are an adept initiate.

  3. Actually the Jinn or any other 'Daemon' calling, or summoning, is the same as the 'Dweller on the Threshold' experience in Hermetic Magic (both Islamic and Hermetic magic come from the same original Tome of Solomonic Magic, and its predecessors).

  4. I have 2 questions for you
    1.I tried this ritual and i did not do the basics and the empowerment and i forgot to write the gender before the type but wrote it afterwards the while blowing the candles i blew them in the order white,red and black.I got only pink,grey and white candles so i painted the pink red, the grey black using a nailpolish.Do you think the djinn has come?I tried communicating with it but i and not sure if i have done them properly.Please help.
    2.If you are sure the djinn didnt come can you summon a djinn for me and tell it to come where i live?

  5. Get a psychic reading to see if you have a visitation?

    1. No need. You will see black shadow, white smoke or whisper at the ears or it is as simple as that you just know there is 'something' there...

  6. What about writing on the mirror?must be Islamic abjad alphabet or just in English?just wonder.thanks a bunch for who ever reply.

  7. Can I have translation of the spells used in English please.
    1. Allah shafim barat shiu kamir
    2. Ali Allah hamal Jinni
    3. Closun ontei
    4. En tien Allah cluman