Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Mysterious SEA Jungle Spirits

The deep jungle in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand are thought to be sacred places. And as with the mountain ranges; must be respected at all times. Whenever a person is in the domain of jungle and mountain spirits, this person is thought to be in the mercy of such spirits.

There are some protocols that a person would need to follow before entering and while inside the jungle.

Before entering the jungle, according to an old shaman, one has to offer some rice, betel leaves and tobacco to the jungle spirits. Then murmur some prayer such as:

“Greetings to Datuk, I only staying temporary; while my passing is destructive, please do not harm me. Please watch over all four corners, I am visiting my jungle ancestors.”

Then while the person is entering the jungle, it is customary to say:

“Grand pa and grand ma, I apologize for disturbing; your grandchildren want to pass through.”

If one has to answer the call of nature: be it big or small; then this person has to say before hand:

“Please accept my salute grand pa and grand ma, your grandchildren has no manners; I want to urinate/shit.”

The above recitation is important. I lost one friend who urinates behind one bamboo bush in the outer skirt of a Jungle in Perak and he subsequently suffers from high fever right on that night and died subsequently. So please do not be playful inside the jungle.

Jungle spirits are said to be the oldest spirits in SEA. A jungle spirit can take any form, normally it would appear as an old man with long hair and beard while holding a walking stick. For those who perform a 100 day fasting inside a jungle, and if this person passes tests conducted by a jungle spirit; then this person will be taught certain knowledge such as santau and other magical knowledge. Amongst the common test is the appearance of a giant snake called "The Snake of Cintamani”.


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