Saturday, March 17, 2012

Which Ghost To Employ? (厲鬼)

This is a story from a gravedigger. Many times a magician will have connection with gravediggers. Well, they are almost full time at the graveyard for one thing; they at times need to work around the clock digging holes. People do not choose the time of their parish, only God determines it.

For a magician, it is very important to get the right ghost for the right job; just as a boss wanted the best workers to work for him. The ghost that a magician is looking for is from those of the black magicians, criminals, murders and people of vice. The timing is also very important, most effective time to call upon this ghost is between 3 days to 49 days. Upon 100 days of the death of a person, his/her ghost is said to lose its power.

So as not to have miscalled in getting the wrong ghost, the gravedigger has a set of golden rules to pin point the potential candidate:

1.      The body of the dead will be smelly, and very hard to be cleaned.

2.      If some soil is tugged into the feet thumb nail of the deceased, the thumb can be observed to move after being covered with a piece of white cloth.

3.      There will be a hole as big as a person’s thumb on the grave of the deceased. Upon inspection, this hole will lead to the top of the coffin. But this is not always true, as the spirit can find other way out in the vicinity.

Once the target is determined, a person will have to choose a good timing to observe the appearance of the ghost:

1.      The best timing is after 7pm, when it is not so dark.

2.      Beware of the direction of the wind, as our body scent may be smelled by the ghost and it would find other way out.

3.      If successful, you will see a black smoke shoot up from the grave which then turns into white mist covering its grave. The mist gradually takes the form of a human shape which is sat like a cat.

4.      While squatting, the ghost will say “Haalin” for the 1st time, and then it will stand up and say “Haalin” for the 2nd time, and finally the 3rd time “Haalin” before dashing away.

5.      The ghost will return to its grave before dawn by reversing the above process.

You might wonder where the ghost would go if uninterrupted from dusk to dawn. According to the narration, it will visit the person it knows by making the below signs to announce its presence:

1.      Knocking sound on the window, wall or door.

2.      The moving of curtain with the presence of wind.

3.      Materialize in front of the acquaintance.

4.      Appear in the dream.

Ok. Now to call upon the ghost to our service:

1.      First we need to get the name of the dead, or remember its appearance.

2.      On the night you saw the ghost, recite “Haalin” slowly while calling its name or imprint its appearance in your mind. After a while, the ghost will come to you.

3.      Invite it for a conversation, or capture it will the power of mantra.

4.      It can take many forms be it man or animal. The ghost normally converse with you with its back facing you.

Such was the narration from an old grave digger. I posted the material here for sharing purposes only. My purpose is just to get as much material as possible before these types of knowledge vanish.

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