Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Panglima Hitam & Ajian

Panglima Hitam or “The Black Commander” in this context does not refer to any human world military position; rather it is a haunter spirit of some Javanese silat (martial art) streams. It was not so long ago, before starting any martial art performance; the master of arena will perform the ritual for opening arena. The purpose is to prevent any mishaps from happening to the martial art practitioners.

It is said that in some darker martial art streams, a goat or a black cock is slaughtered and its blood is spilled onto the feet of the silat exponents. During the opening ritual, the master will evoke the pressence of Panglima Hitam with offering of benzoic incense and a chicken egg.

Lastly the master will fumigate the arena with benzoic smoke to expel any undesirable spirits. Now the performance of martial art is going to take place, but before that each of the martial art exponents need to request the Panglima Hitam to give instant power of invulnerability.

Test of invulnerability normally in order after the normal martial art show. Now the master again invokes the presence of Panglima Hitam to provide protection to his disciples who are to be tested. The “Aji Payung Allah” (The God’s Umbrella) is normally recited by the master:

“Salam’alaikum salam

Sirollah, Dzatollah,

Payung Allah,

Payungana sapolah tingkahku,

(Ya Hu Allah 3x).”

After the recitation of “Aji Payung Allah”, the master will blow a breath onto his disciples’ heads. Then the disciples are tested with striking with bamboo, keris or even boiling hot oil. Only once a disciple passes the above test; he/she is permitted to practice other mantras. One example is the “Aji Lembu Sekilan” for super strength; or the “Aji Saefi Angin” for long distance travelling.

I am not sure if there is a relation with Panglima Hitam with Datuk Hitam worshipped by some of the Chinese community though.

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