Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Asma Quwwatah: For Extra Power!!

It is believed that Prophet Khidir passed down 7 types of name of power, and Asma Quwwatah is yet another name of power at par with Asma Nakaban. But, be extra careful with this one as this is requesting the presence of a powerful jin.

Practice the below Asma with lower body half submerged in a lake at night. As told by an old Kyai to me that the lake watcher will appear to you and vomit its stomach contents; if you consume all of them, you will be granted great power. If you do not follow, then you may not leave the lake and see the next sun rise. So beware folks.

Level 1:

"inna quwwati quwwatuka waquwwatukum
quwwatul insi wal jinni wasyaithin
kullu nafsin zaikatul maut."

Level 2:

"inna quwwati quwwatuka quwwatan
faqowini bi quwwatika bi ainil qudroh wal irodat
laa khaula wala quwwata illa billahil aliyyil azim."

Level 3:

 "Allahumma inni as’alukal bismikal adzhom
bi haqqi kaf ha ya ain shod
idfa jami’al fittan,baini wa baina yadayya wa baina jami’il mahluqot
laa ilaha ilallah muhammad rasulullah saw
ya banul jaaan ! bi ainil haq wal yaqin billah
idzhab min baladi hadza !"

Each level is recited 1000x for 7 days, in a large lake.

For your reference, but seriously do not try this. People did lost life of this; just to show the domestic magician what is lying out there.. ;-)


  1. What happens to a man who has passed all three levels of this manual?

    1. He is said to possess super psychic power ...

  2. Replies
    1. Depends on your ability of course, I hv not given the empowerment. So it will not work even anyone tries it.

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  4. I went through all three levels. and I can see how it works. do what you would describe vomiting. But I survived and now I can do more complex rituals easily. I generally like to do difficult things. The secret to this technique is that you become a pulsating energy, and depending on what you practice, it will increase a hundredfold.

    1. No. This asma calls forth a powerful khodam. This is not difficult but dangerous. U don't just become a pulsating energy and it is not to increase the power of your practice.

      I'm not discouraging you, u don't hv d proper prayer. Do at your own risks.

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