Friday, March 16, 2012

Jenglot/Batera Karang DIY

Jenglot is a small voodoo doll very popular amongst Indonesian and Malaysian paranormal fans. It can now be purchased from eBay as well now-a-days, price ranging from USD160-USD250 depending on the sizes. The smaller the size of Jenglot, the higher is the price.

Proponents of Jenglot believe that Jenglot is the body of ancient hermits who had practiced Aji Batera Karang. This is a form of practice that renders the practitioners invulnerability to all harms. So even after death, their bodies are said to be rejected by the mother earth. Hence they appear in the forms of mummified manikins.

Opponents of Jenglot on the other hand, believe Jenglot is just a man made hoax. Recently a Malaysian paranormal group SEEKERS brought some Jenglot for lab testing, and found out that Jenglots are just man made figures intended to fool general public. So ends the story? No. Certainly not in SEA Magic blog J!

Below are the DIY methods:

1.      Prepare ingredients:

a.       Small animal carcasses

b.      Human hair and nails

c.       Various bones of animals

d.      Animal skins, usually chicken skin are used.

2.      All the materials are tugged into the animal skin and the package is sewed neatly.

3.      Let the package dry at a windy area.

4.      When the package is completely dried, dip the package into animal blood. Human blood is the best.

5.      Then the package is buried inside salt for 1 day. After that, the seams are opened. Continue salting with alum mixture.

6.      Now that the would be jenglot is ready for “spirit filling” ritual.

7.      Once a jinn or a spirit is captured into jenglot, it is deemed alive.

Once ready, a jenglot must be fed with blood every 35 days, and jenglot must be kept outside of your house.

Jenglot lovers believe if a jenglot is well taken care of, will bring wealth, luck and invulnerability to its owner. So if you want to try, eBay is just a click away ;-)


  1. Jenglot is the creapiest supernatural pets you'll ever have, Haha :P But remember, if you didn't feed him well he will suck your own blood.

    1. Was thinking of getting one.. But then and again, now I hv to think twice. Hmmm...

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