Thursday, March 22, 2012

In Search of Lek Lai (流鐵)

Those who are into Thai magic or amulets should be familiar with Leklai, Lek-laay or Lek-sa-ming. Leklai also termed as the black jewel of Thailand. Real leklai is exceedingly hard to find and can fetch up to very high price. Lek Lai is known as "fluid metal" (流鐵) amongst Chinese collectors.

Information provided here is translated from Ajan Boon, Ajan Ya-Kong and Ajan Choom. It is a common belief in Thailand that leklai can move about freely and has power to overcome harms from weapon.

The Arjans (Masters) have divided leklai into 2 main categories:

1. The Thai hermits will gather some material and use their meditative power to turn fluidic leklai into greenish rock formation.

2. The Koth Leklai (the oldest leklai) can be seen hanging out on cliffs. If people go into deep jungle can still get them.

If a leklai is dipped into natural honey, it can turn into dark brown in color.

Now that you know how a “real” Lek Lai looks like. You will need to depart on a trip in search for Lek Lai. My last information was that real Lek Lai is almost extinct; if found will be very difficult. Well, we will never know when our luck strikes.

There are some tell tale sign on Lek Lai where abouts:

1.     Cliff with clean surroundings, free from animal droppings and wild glass.

2.     Shoot with your gun, if it fails to fire no matter how many times you tried; then most possible there will be Lek Lai around.

Once you have found the place there is Lek Lai, you will need to prepare for a ceremony to attract and cut Lek Lai. Now, prepare some meat and non-meat offerings for the jungle spirit. Then start praying and making a wish that you would donate part of your profit to charity.

Now draw a protective circle to protect yourself from the jungle spirits that may disturb you or stop you from getting Lek Lai. After that is done, you can proceed to call out Lek Lai.

When Lek Lai is out from its hiding place, use a knife to cut it. After this is done, do another round of praying to thank the spirits and promise to use Lek Lai for good.

Good luck Lek Lai hunting. If not, just drop in eBay and there will be plenty to buy as low as $1 depending on your luck. Or my arjan friend would be glad to help. :))))

I thank the arjan very much for letting me share this article.

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