Monday, March 26, 2012

Orang Bunian: People That Whisper

Orang Bunian is said to be grouped under jinn. Their appearance is just like the “elf” in the West. They are also known as “Hantu Bunyi-bunyian” because only their voices can be heard by ordinary people, but not to be seen with naked eyes.

It is said that if you hear the noise of people having parties, shouting, singing, laughing or chatting in the jungle, or near a river; and when you approach the source of the noise, you would not be able to see a single shadow.

OB is also said to be responsible to make a traveler lost in jungle tracking, or they will abduct the living person they like and make human their wives or husbands. OB is believed to possess supernatural power, like to befriend and help human beings. The priority is of course, given to the shaman or “bomoh”. Many shamans make use of OBs’ service in traditional healings.

The old Malays used to borrow utensils for cooking from OBs in big festivals. Everything borrowed, must be returned and arranged in proper order; otherwise OBs will be unpleased. That would be the last thing people want to do, of course.

The OB is said to live in a large community, such as that of our human world. The OBs also led by Sultans, prince and princess. In fact, the OBs are said to be of much beautiful and handsome if we are to compare them to our human counterparts. There are other opinions that the OBs are the offspring of human and jinn. Other theories however mentioned that OBs are originated from pious person but cursed by God because they have defied God’s teaching.

Strange phenomenon that pregnant lady loses her baby during pregnancy also contributed to the work of OBs. The mother will have a dream that she is visited by some old folks to ask for the mother’s permission to fetch the baby. Upon awaken from the dream; the mother would discover that her stomach has already flattened. This can be double confirmed by a doctor’s examination.

This type of news can still be heard now and then in Malaysia. Do you have your side of the story?


  1. It's nice to read an article more inclined towards the Bunian people for a change. They have been greatly misunderstood by humans. Here's my side of the story...

    From my experience, the Bunian are not the offspring of jin-human coitus, nor are they cursed pious people. They are beings of light, similar to angels. They were created to assist humans who are in need. They are widespread (worldwide) but they are few in number. They prefer to reside in damp places far from humans, and frequent waterfalls. In Malaysia, the Bunian are concentrated in 2 main locations, one of which is Gunung Ledang.

    It saddens me to read articles written against these people. They are being oppressed and slandered by jin kafir and iblis, who often pretend to be Bunian and tell half truths and whole lies to humans. It is my mission to help clear their name and restore their image. I hope you will be able to come up with more positive articles on the Bunian.

    Feel free to contact me if you are interested to know more about them. I am currently in contact with 2 Bunian; a king and his queen, also 5 Muslim tiger jinns who are their royal guards. I act as guardian and mediator to my cousin sister, who is the last descendant of the Bunian-Human marriage.

    1. Nama saya johnson dari kuala lumpur saya ingin tahu mengenai orang bunian dgn lebih dekat dan ingin bertemu dgn mereka dgn niat yang baik,ingin bantuan mereka klau benar kewujudtan warga bunian dialam kita,benarkah mereka dapat tolong kita..? email sy /010-2630752 urgent:-)

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  2. I had an Orang Bunyian lady fried once.She used to visit me at 2 am every night and sleep beside me.Sometimes she sings for me.One night,she took my soul to a very high mountain and landed me on the Bridge Al Araf.(found in verse 42 of the Holy Quran)

    Araf is a bridge between heaven and hell.I heard awful screamings from down there. The other side up there was something like a city which was shielded from my view b y a glorious cloud.

    Orang Bunyian are friendly and beautiful beings but they live in another plane.But God has forbidden for us to intermarry with them.When you see a quiet pond in the forest,be careful and do not throw rubbish or do anything filthy there.OB are there although we cannot see them.

    She has promised to take me to Gunung Ledang next week to visit here relatives.So I am fasting 1 meal a day and getting ready.

    Read Al- Bakarah Verse 269

    1. What happen to your lady frien now if I may ask?