Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Illusive Mustika Merah Delima

The legend has it that the original Mustika Merah Delima (MD) can only be found in the land of Jawa. It is believed that this mustika was the first present from Nyai Roro Kidul to Sultan Hamengku Buwono I. The first MD is said to be the "Mother" of all MD. Whoever possesses the Mother MD will possess the ability to be invisible, invulnerable towards fire arms, sharp weapons, bravery, ability to achieve all desires. Well, until this time, there is no further news regarding the ownership of Mother MD.

Having so said, now-a-days there are an array of MDs in the open market that one can select ;-). The price ranges from USD100 to USD10k++ depending on the power of the MD. This can be tested by dipping the MD into water. The more glasses of water the MD can turn red, the higher the selling price. It is generally believed also that MD contains khodams that has the above mentioned abilities. There is another type of MD called MD Siam that cannot turn water red, the price however is much lower.

In order to obtain MD, a person need to perform a ritual to pull MD from its hiding place. Below is just one version of the ritual (in general):

1. Seek in a place of water source, river, seaside, ponds or waterfall. You will have to open your astral vision to do so.

2. Perform prayers to God.

3. Perform tawassul to prophets and recite Al-Fatihah 333x.

4. Recite Syahadat 101x.

5. Recite Nur Buat Prayer 41x.

6. Recite Bismilah 13x.

7. Recite "Ya Rohman, Ya Rohim" 300x.

8. Recite "Allahu" 150x.

9. Recite "Allahu 9x" (recite while holding breath).

10. Recite "Kun Fayakun" 100x.

11. Recite "Bismillahirrohmaanirrohim Allahu Akbar" 3x with your right palm facing earth or water as if sucking the MD out. Sometimes you have to struggle with the khodam of MD, and this is the time when you put all your practices such as that of Tenaga Dalam into use.

Good luck MD hunting :)


  1. My family used to have this MD stone but now it's gone and noone knows where it is. :(

    1. Try d ritual at where u think it is lost, may be it will come back to u :)

  2. I am a Christian with strong Islamic leanings. I had a Mustika with a powerful female Khodam bound to it. Merah Delimas & Mustikas that are authentic rarely are for sale. The authentic ones choose whom they will go to.