Thursday, March 15, 2012

Syric Name of Power: Asma Suryani

This is another name of power once very popular in SEA area. The price to acquire this knowledge could fetch up to hundreds of USD.

The history of Asma Suryani (As I heard)

It is said that Asma Suryani was owned by the great scholar and hero of proclamation, Kanjeng Pangeran Diponegoro. He studied with an Arab philosopher to acquire this knowledge.

One day, as he was walking to a village, he saw some Dutch soldiers. He took some green beans and prayed to God by reciting Asma Suryani. After that he threw the green beans in the Dutch soldiers’ direction. The green beans instantly turned into hundreds of soldiers. The Dutch soldiers were subsequently defeated and scuttled.

Method of acquiring this knowledge

1.      Asma Suryani cannot be written down, so must first memorize by heart.

2.      Prepare the above rajah, dip the rajah into rose water and drink the water.

3.      Recite this Asma Suryani, 1000x for 7 days for practitioner’s level, or 6666x for 7 days for master’s level.

Asma Suryani


The benefits:

1.      To achieve your heart’s desire, recite 313x.

2.      To attract the attention of the one you love, recite asma 313x while visualizing his/her face.

3.      To achieve invulnerability, hold your breath and recite Asma Suryani 3x.

4.      Any other things you wish.

Asma Suryani was generally used in demonstration show such as: eating glass, immunity, to walk on sheets of paper, distance strike, break objects, pull car etc. But Asma Suryani is included here to add to your occult library only.


  1. I was told about another prayer call Asmak James that can practiced with this method. The problem is i cannot gain any information on this method from the internet. Any information regarding this technique would be much appreciated,

    Asmak James Below:

    aku iki urip
    uripku cahyaning gusti Alloh
    daging kulitku wojo
    nafasku leisus
    segoroku geni murub
    Laa ilaaha Illalloh Muhammadarrosuululloh

    1. May be for invulnerability .. or any masters out there can helo :))

  2. why u give fake Asma Suryani in here? whoa... asma Suryani not like that and the ritual.. :D

    1. I supposed u hv the better ones, why not share yours then?