Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Demon Queen of The North Coast

Dewi Lanjar is known as one of the “Ratu Setan” or Demon Queen in Javanese folk lore.

Many folks dwelled in the north cost of Java in particular must be familiar with the demon queen ruler of northern Java seas, Dewi Lanjar. This legendary figure is still very influential today, especially in the area of Pelalongan, batang to Banajrnegara areas.

According to folklore with unconfirmed truth, Dewi Lanjar was originally named Dewi Lara Kuning. Her husband died while Dewi was just newlywed; hence the name Goddess Lanjar (The Goddess of Young Widow). In order to dilute her miserable life, she decided to go down south to perform fasting and meditation in the hope that she would see the Queen of the South Coast, Ratu Kidul. Legend has it that, the body of Dewi Lanjar vanishes during the meditation.

Then, one day Ratu Kidul ordered Goddess Lanjar to lead an army to jinn to disturb Raden Bahu who was at that time clearing forest at Gambiren (the current location is in the vicinity of the Anim Bridge and the Sorogenen Pekalongan Bridge). But because Raden Bahu is more powerful, all the jinn army and even the Dewi Lanjar herself were subdued by Raden Bahu.

After she was defeated, Dewi Lanjar decided not to return to the South Coast, so she asked Raden Bahu’s permission to settle and establish her kingdom in Pelalongan with two beautiful ladies: Sri Lorensa and Sri Lopaka.

It is believed that the location of Dewi Lanjar’s palace is at the cost of Pekalongan besides Slamaran River. The atmosphere in the palace is similar to human palace. Local folks also believe that there is an invisible market filled with various commercial activities. However, only a handful gifted people would be able to see it.

Locals believe that Dewi Lanjar has an invisible bank where ordinary human being can borrow money from her with a price to pay of course.

It is not difficult to interact with Goddess Lanjar. One just needs to read the Al-Ikhlas 41 times and sleep at the main door at night. This beautiful goddess will come to you and give you some of her treasures in the exchange of your life, or the life of one of your family members. You will get a fortune soon after the agreement is made. But once after the maturity of such agreement, the main door would be marked with a cross (X) mysteriously. This is sometimes accompanied by the howling of stray dogs and also the appearance of crows on his/her roof top.

Around area of Banjarnegara, Batang, Pekalongan to Tegal, many people have sighted a mysterious chariot driven by two guards dressed in typical Javanese aristocrat stop and go in front of the house marked by a cross (X). The following morning one of the occupants of the house is found dead abruptly; without any pain or sickness.

According to narration from the people who were once invited to the palace of Goddess Lanjar, upon the expiration of the agreement; his soul will by the goddess as her followers until the ends of time. Try at your own risks so be warned.


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