Friday, March 30, 2012

Conjuration of Pontianak (Vampire)

The above photo shows a “Paku Pontianak” or “The Pontianak’s Nail”. It can be used to cure non-medical illness. This reminds me of the Phurpa; the Tibetan ritual dagger.

Pontianak is a combined Malay word of “perempuan mati beranak” or literarly “woman who died in childbirth”. It is also known by Kuntilanak in Indonesia. I believe that this is the equivalent of the Western version of female vampire.

There are many stories of its origin:

·         It is said to be the ghost of a woman died during giving birth to her first child.

·         The Javanese folks believed that it is the ghost of a young girl raped and brutally killed.

·         It is the daughter of a Langsuir died during birth. That is the dead mother became Langsuir, the dead daughter became the Pontianak.

It is common belief that a Pontianak will manifest itself as a very beautiful woman wearing perfume of flower (Plumeria Obtusa); it also sometimes carries a baby in its arms. Only on approaching, the beauty of the creature will suddenly transform into an ugly face with fangs; coupled with the smell of rotten corpse.

The female who sees a Pontianak should remain calm; otherwise she might be possessed. Pontianak almost never possesses a male however. A possessed female will tend to keep long finger nails and hairs, laugh on her own during mid nights.

For those magic exponents, it is said that a Pontianak can be captured and transformed it into a beautiful woman; and then if you prefer, you can marry her as your wife.

In order to conjure a Pontianak, first you will need to find her favorite hang about; i.e. on a big tree branch. Once you have done so, bring some coarse salt to the tree at night and circle the tree with the coarse salt. After that, recite the below mantra:

“Jembalang, jembali,

daun lalang gulong-gulong,

datang engkau ke mari,

Ku tetak dengan parang gudong.”

After that pull some weeds in the vicinity and bring the weeds home. It is believed that the weeds can calm the anger of a Pontianak.

Continue to recite the below mantra when you have reached your home:

“Pontianak mati beranak,

Mati ditimpa tanah tambah,

Krat buluh panjang pandak,

Kan pelemang hati jin puntianak,

Dengan berkat Lailahaillallah.”

The Pontianak will visit the conjurer in a few nights’ time. It will knock on your front door for three times only.

Open your door and greet it and allow it to enter into your altar.

When the Pontianak has shown signs of being tamed; take a 4 inch iron nail and nail it into its nape. By doing so, a Pontianak will transform into a very pretty woman. If you marry this woman, then she will follow all your desires. Provided of cause; the iron nail remains at its location.

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