Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hizib Ali RA: For Extreme Bravery

For those who is not so brave, reciting Hizib Ali RA is a good practice. If God is willing, bravery can be installed to him/her.

It is known in the history of Islam that Ali ibn Abi Talib is in law and a friend of the Prophet. He is known as the first four caliphs with the bravery. He was amongst the first youth group to convert to Islam.

Apart from Ibn Umar who was nicknamed the "Lion of The Desert", Ali ibn Abi Talib also got the nickname the "Lion of God" (Assadullahil Gholib) because of his bravery on the battlefield defending the banner of Islam, who ever opposed to Ali bin Abi Talib almost meant a sure defeat when come fact to face with him. He is said to possess supernatural powers from the prayer Akasah. This was said to be one of the prayers practiced by the Prophet.

Ali ibn abi Talib is also known as the "doors of science", as words of the Prophet which means: "I am the city of knowledge and Ali is the door".

Below is the Hizib Ali RA:

Asadullaahil ghoolib aliyyubnu abi tholib karomallahu wajhahu naadaa robbahu alaa mazh-haril ‘ajaa-ib tajiduhu fii ‘aunillaahi(ya ali 3x)laisal fata illaa aliyyan innallaaha ma’anaa yaa rosululloh nashrum minallaahi wafathun qoriibun.washolallahu ala sayidinaa muhammadin wa’alaa aalihi washohbihii wasallim.”


"In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
The Lion of God who is able to defeat (all) is Ali bin Abi Talib. Hopefully allah glorifies his face. He invites his God to produce various kinds of miracles. Thei it will be found (what he is looking for) with the help of Allah. (O Ali, 3x). There is no youth as strong as Ali. Surely God is with us. O Prophet of God, with the help from God the victory is closing. Hopefully blessing is bestowed on Muhammad and his family and all his friends."

The benefits:
  1. for safety
  2. for creating miracles
  3. for courage
  4. to reject black magic
  5. to paralyze enemies
  1. Clean yourself beforehand. Perform a 3-day fasting.
  2. During the fast, at midnight, perform prayer for repentance and prayer for special intent.
  3. Continue with the pedigree:
    • Ilaa hadrotin nabiyyil mushthofaa sayyidinaa muhammadin saw.alfatiha ..
    • Ila ali bin abi hadroti sayyidinaa tholib karomallaahu wajhahu lahul fatiha
  4. Recite the hizib for 41x.
  5. During the fast, recite hizib 7x after each of the obligatory prayers..
  6. After the fasting period, enough to recite 3x after each prayers.

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