Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Eastern Hand of Glory: Aji Sirep

Aji Sirep or “The Science To Calm” is equivalent to the Western “hand of glory”. This is a must have knowledge for burglars and thieves since the old days. There are many versions of Aji Sirep, but the most feared of is the Aji Sirip Tanah Perkuburan (grave dirt). The grave dirt is said to be able to put the whole house hold to sleep like corpses, so this will ease the operation of the break in.

The modes of operations of the burglars are almost standard:

First the burglar will determine that his target house whole is a sleep.

Then he would stand in front of the intended house and recite the below mantra:

“Hong ingsun amatak ajiku sirep begananda kang ana indrajit, kumelun nglimuti ing mega malang, bul peteng dhedet alimengan upas racun daribesi, pet pepet kemput bawur wora wari aliweran tekane wimasara, kang katempuh jim setan peri prayangan, gandarwa, jalma manungsa tan wurung ambruk lemes wuta tan bisa krekat, blek sek turu kepati saking kersane Allah.”

The burglar takes a handful of grave dirt and recites the below mantra:

“hong mret mret nuli tumungkul ing pratiwi”

After the mantra, he will storm his foot three times while holding his breath. The grave dirt is afterwards thrown on to the roof of his target before the burglar enters the victim's house.

If anyone wanted to be free from the influence of Sirep; he/she can recite the below mantra before sleeping:

“Hong ingsun amatek ajiku si Aji Dipa kang Ana Bibisana, murup sacakrawalaning panggilingan, apa kang malang-malang ana ing ngarep ingsun, mburi kiwa tengen utawa ngungkul-ngungkuli, lah padha suminggaha, yen nganti kasebet aku si Aji Dipa, lebur dadi awu sirna saking kersaning Allah.”

After recitation, recite further “Hu Allah” three times in your heart.

I last heard from the person who revealed to me that Aji Sirep once mastered can also be used for hypnotic suggestions. Unfortunately I did not put in any effort to learn up this science then; otherwise I can do some experiments to proof the claims. J

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