Saturday, March 17, 2012

Nasi Kangkang Vs Sole Water

Nasi kangkang and sole water are two symbolic magic rituals for overpowering opponents still widely being practiced in SEA area due to their simplicity. There are many examples in the net, so I just run through these two primitive rituals for the addition to SEA magic library.

Nasi kangkang is made popular by a Malay movie some years back. The making is quite simple really. When rice is cooked, it is brought to a suitable location; where a woman wearing a sarong or a tower only need to squat down over the hot steamy rice. The hot steam from the rice will make the woman’s lower body to sweat. This mixture of steam condensate and sweat subsequently falls down to the rise, and presto! The “Nasi Kangkang” is ready.

This is the method employed by local woman to control man, so that the man will follow her desires. It is said that a man when under such spell, will look dumb or slow to react. Not to mentioned that his luck will turn bad.

On the other hand, man also has his weapon. Making of it is also very simple; just take a pale of water and wash his sole. The water if subsequently give to a woman to drink will make a woman obeys the man’s commands. The main function of sole water is to overcome a hot tempered wife.

Which method is more powerful? I leave it to the field expert. But really, friends; be careful of who you are hiring in your house. Tune up your CCTV, chances are you may be already consuming “nasi kangkang” and “sole water” already. Just joking J.

It is beside the point if the rituals work, but the hygiene aspect is more important. Wonders why your stomach gets upset more ofter now-a-days?


  1. Actually I saw this in a Thai movie. And hm, I did hear of something similar using hair...

    1. Dun mind sharing d hair stuff .. :)))

  2. Don't forget Air Badan it is for both male and female, take a shower like you normally did and on the last wash stand inside a basin and keep the water, give it to your husband/wife to consume. The effect is not powerful it will not make your wife/husband turn dumb. :)

    1. Sorry bro.. I just notice dat your comment was put in d spam box.

      Thanks for d "Air Badan" ritual :)))