Friday, March 2, 2012

Mai Kru (Teacher's Staff)

‘Mai Kru’ or kayu guru (teacher's staff) is popularize by Ven. LP Kron of Wat Bangseet. Ven. LP or Archan of ‘Samnak Khao Or’ or Khao Or lineage. Different parts of Mai Kru has different meaning:

1. The Tip:
Brings blessings and is used for 108 purposes. Including compassion, peace, success, remove inauspicious, longevity, luck. Removes all evil, curses, magic and all obstacles.

2. The Top:
Gives authoritative power, divine power and is used to curse, kill and chase enemy away.

The Mai Kru must be respected at all times because the Deva and Arjan is always with the Mai Kru.
You can bring it along wherever you go. Put it under your pillow when you sleep. The Deva and Arjan will warn you in your dream if misfortune is to come.

Avoid showing your Mai Kru for fun as the power may disappears. Always keep your Mai Kru in your altar and always burn incense to honour it.

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