Sunday, December 28, 2014

From Flood To Plane Disaster: I Ching

This is not after the fact that I said the summer and winter of 2015 bring disasters. Many of my friends know this as I had advised them not to make major decisions during the lunar month of 11 and 12. My bro decided to move house in December just before winter solstice and now his car is sent to repair shop just a week after the house move…


The reason for my unease of this particular year is that the ‘3 kills’ (三煞) of the year is at the north, while the 3 kills for the month is at the south. This making the movement from north to south or vice versa undesirable; in fact any major movements would not be desirable. This is because the 3 kills for the year belong to water element and the winter is when the 3 kills are the strongest. Further the ‘Tai Sui’ (太岁) is also located at the south too this year.


During this particular year, the east coast is particularly vulnerable especially towards the end of the year. The year and month reading combines into ‘mountain and water’ making a , which means obstruction. This situation may last for one month or so but diseases may entail.


Just on 28th December 2014, a plane heading northward direction went missing and yet to be found. So let analyze this case a little closer. The timing for this plane:





Unfortunately, the lower characters are all in conflicts, this indicating of bad decisions that had lead to disasters.


On inspecting I Ching relating from southwest to northeast; a few reading results:


1.      ‘fire and mountain’ means travelling

2.      ‘swamp and water’ means trapped

3.      ‘mountain and swamp’ means unclear/foggy

4.      ‘water and mountain’ means limit

5.      ‘illness and earth’ means disaster


So, we put all readings together which concluded to:


“Travelling will lead to trap as the future is unclear which limits the journey due to disasters.”


Hence, it is pretty clear that I Ching reads the mind of God. It is up to us the mortal being to interpret and take correct actions for the sake of our love ones.


Let us pray together for all those who are suffering to have strength and for the rest to be free of all disasters in years to come.


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  1. Yes this is so awful. I cant imagine the suffering these poor families must be going through. Lets hope this gets resolved quickly & something is found.