Monday, December 8, 2014

Our Behaviour Affects Feng Shui (行为风水)

Do you believe that where you spend most of your time affects your Feng Shui?
Not many Feng Shui masters will tell you that your behaviours affect the Feng Shui of your house too despite a good direction and auspicious move in timing.


I have found out that the preferred location of your house too affects the well being of you and your love ones. By preferred locations I mean that the place where you spend most of your time in your house.


For example:


If you and your family members spend most of your time in the right side of your house, then the male members of this household shall not prosper. If in addition to the concentration of activities, the flying stars and dragon arrangement are not auspicious, then the male would not live long. Consequently this house may be termed as the ‘house of widow’.


On the other hand, if the household activities concentrated more on the left side of the house, then the female members of the family would not be too healthy, this may also result in miscarriage or the health of children may be affected. As to the severity of the effect, that would depend on the combine effect of the flying stars and dragon arrangement.


Having said so, if the house is too large for just a few persons to stay; then the effect is the same as if one concentrates on the right side or left side of the house. Whoever stays in a large mansion; then his health and emotion would not be too good.


The Qing Emperor, Qianlong (乾隆) who lived to his 80s understood this problem. So he rather stayed in a small cottage inside the Forbidden City and not in the palace proper. His long age has shown that Qianlong was a wise man.


Relating to above theory, then you would now probably understand that why you are still single to date or that why your relationships don’t last long.

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