Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Lucky Chance Comers (自来动物带好运)

As I heard that astray small animals can bring good luck to who ever adopted them. But the precondition is that these types of chance comers are rare in that particular place and that whatever means one uses to chase them away; they would not leave. That was what I heard from a friend, as to the authenticity of such belief; I will leave it to you to decide. Laugh you may, but let me tell you a few stories I heard:


A businessman known as Boss Wong, he found a tortoise in front of his house. As Boss Wong has a small fish pond in his house compound, he decided to keep the tortoise in the pond. Since then, Boss Wong’s business progressing and expending well, I heard that Boss Wong is now ready to expand his business overseas.


Yet another friend who operates a bar downtown decided to keep a weasel that has intruded his bar. Since then his bar business is expending and now considering of opening another branch in Vietnam.


Also, a story I heard from Boss Lim who has a so-so female movie star in China; whom I would just call her Clara. As the story has it that Clara was talking a walk in front of her house; she found a white Kola puppy cuddling around her feet. Since Clara felt the puppy was adorable, she decided to keep the puppy. Soon, Clara struck fortune in her acting career: her advertisement and film appointments suddenly increased many folds, at the same time; her pursuers also increased many folds.


One day, Clara went outstation for an offsite shooting; she left her pet cat and the puppy that has grown into a Kola dog at home. When Clara returned from the trip, she found her cat went missing. After some cat hunt, she found a pile of cat skeleton and bones in the kitchen. So, Clara brought the so called Kola dog to a veterinarian and after some inspection, the Veterinarian said: “Miss, what you have is NOT a Koala, but a white fox!”


As I heard that Clara finally brought the white fox to suburbs and terminated the white fox. Since the execution of the white fox, Clara’s career dropped back as before.


While I dare not say the ups and downs of Clara are related to the white fox, but I supposed you can treat the stories as ‘Arabian Nights”. Of course, if you find dogs, cats, ducks or chickens in front of your house in an Asian village, then there is nothing too strange about it. However, if you find a white croc in the city area, that would indeed be a big news!


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