Thursday, December 4, 2014

Master Of Applied Spirits Management

I was chatting with some friends in education and many of them have Masters: MA, MSc, MBA, ME etc. and of course one of two has PhD’s. In the midst of our chats, someone suddenly swayed the conversation to spiritual issues. Now the question is if it is possible to have a degree of some sort to be offered as: Master Of Applied Spirits Management?


Personally, I don’t know if it is worthwhile to give a title of these sorts; but I would think it would be interesting to have a further research and spirits needs to be managed methodologically. As the matter of fact, spirits are just like human beings; they can perform work (within a set of boundaries) if they are managed well. However, if the spirits are let a strayed in an area, they create problems to human.


A very simple example is that a construction site that is prone to work accidents would see a decline in mishaps after a small shrine for local spirits is set up. Many religions teach us not to ‘surrender’ to spirits; but I am just ‘managing’ the crowd and never bow to them.


Another example is that my pal’s business was seen a loss of major customers and he was worried. But after I advised him to make offerings to the good brothers and sisters; the business rebounded within a month’s time.


So it is apparent that when we managed these unseen spiritual forces, they can produce great work within the local environmental constraints: Feng Shui and positions of sun and moon etc. Of course, when I mentioned ‘management of spirits’; that includes also:


·         Choosing the correct spirits for the right jobs:

o   Taoist 5 ghosts and 5 legionnaire armies are good for businesses that attract crowds: hotels, casinos, restraints, cinemas, shopping complexes etc.

o   Vietnamese Ngai spirits are good for watching over properties and attract customers. They will chase away trouble makers and maintain discipline in a factory or hostel. Ngai spirits are also good for guarding a plantation or orchard.

o   Mountainous spirits are good if one is a hiker or he/she need to get close to Mother Nature; but wild spirits are not so wise in getting fortune for their owners.

·         Controlling of spirits:

o   The spirits need to be controlled or they will affect the well beings of human beings. There are means and ways to check if a person is affected by spirits; techniques varies with different traditions.

·         Training of spirits:

o   Spirits need to be trained and monitored constantly. Some spirits are not so wise and there are methods to raise their intelligence.

·         Recruitment of spirits:

o   Like people, spirits may leave or become weak; they need to be replenished constantly too.

·         Putting spirits to work:

o   Spirits need to be given tasks and the progress should be checked constantly as the human workers. When good work done, remunerations in the form of food offerings should be given as our human workers too. Disobedient spirits need to be exorcised or punished. There is no free lunch.

·         Troubleshooting:

o   At times, we need to make a call if an incident is caused by spirits or it is just someone’s mental issues. Also, if things are not working correctly; what remedial actions to take.


It is absurd to bring magic practices into academic and confer a degree it may sound, but the best thing is that you are the judge of your own accomplishments; you decide when you can graduate! The remunerations would be great too once you finally feel that you have graduated; there is no worry of unemployment for you would already be sitting in the seat of a ‘boss’. Think about it.

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