Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Dragon On The Plane (平洋龙)

The Feng Shui put much emphasis on the calculation of chi (理气) and the shapes of mountain ranges. Mountain ranges in Feng Shui technical terms are called ‘dragons’. There are two types of dragons: the mountain dragons (山龙) which are used mainly in hilly areas, and the water dragons (水龙) which mainly refer to water ways and roads. Water dragons are also referred to as ‘the plane dragon’.


The analysis of mountain dragons and water dragons are different. The mountain dragons are mainly analyzed based on: nest (), clamping (), perturbation () and chest (). On the other hand, the water dragons are analyzed based on the patterns of the water flow; or in modern days, the traffic flow.


Both of the mountain and water dragons were once very difficult to track as a Feng Shui master would need to track the mountain ranges or river flows on foot; now days, one can simply turn on the Google Map and whatever landscapes under the sunlight would be exposed.


It is a big topic to talk about the mountain dragons, let alone the water dragons. Let’s just concentrate on the water dragons for now. Water dragon analysis is also called the ‘water method’ (水法): the main flow, the branch and the combined flow. In the city, the main flow would be the crisscrossing of highway traffics. The branches are the smaller roads and paths. If the road is only a small road but the traffic is heavy, then this road can also be considered as if a main road.


The key to the analysis of roads is the road junctions and car parks. Without junctions and parking spaces, then the place is not suitable for staying or doing business. It is also a common sense that if it is very difficult to find parking space, then customers would not come to patronize a shop. It would also be very dangerous to stay in a place where there is no buffer zone at all as a car may just ram into a premise accidentally.


Generally speaking, it is good to face the traffic flow as this would enable the house to accumulate ‘chi’, but not heads on unless there are stopping areas for the traffic flow. The premises that back the general traffic flow would not prosper and these houses cannot be dwelled for extended time.


Other factors to consider besides the above points are the flying star positions, the person’s fate, the external environment and the dragon arrangements. It would be very difficult to find an ideal place in town, unless if one can purchase a vast piece of land and build his/her township. I can only see this possibility in US, Canada, China or place where the land is vast. For people in SEA, then dream on…


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