Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Making Of Paper Soldiers (剪纸成兵)

Below magic will transform paper manikins into our physical helpers. The original manuscript has it that once one has completed this ritual, on a blow of breathe a paper manikin will transform into a physical solder. But I would interpret this in another way: The paper solder will indirectly bring the person an additional physically helper. So, if you feel that you are the odd man’s out in your office; then this ritual will suit you fine.


First one must prepare 7 pieces of colour paper each: white, yellow, red, green, blue, purple and black. He/she would also need a piece of granite to press onto the paper manikins, paper and pen.


When everything is readied, then the person should cut a total of 49 paper manikins: 7 each for 7 colour papers about 7 inches tall. After a paper manikin is completed, he/she should bow a breath of air onto the manikin and recite the below mantra:


(With the spiritual power of upmost Jade Purity, he who helps the endangered and the poor. I now cut paper into a soldier. Three souls into left, seven ‘po’ () into right, hastily wake up as my will; so mote it be!)


After all of the manikins are completely cut out, they should be pressed under a piece of granite. A piece of ‘seal talisman’ (the left one) shall be used to seal the spirits of these paper manikins.


A further empowerment ritual should be carried out for 49 days. One should use cinnabar to draw the ‘conjuration talisman’ (the right one) 49 pieces; one piece for one manikin. When the items are readied, the magician should take a piece of manikin, recite above mantra 7 times and blow a breath onto each manikin. All of the 49 pieces of manikins should be blessed likewise.


When all of the manikins are fully empowered, they are ready to be deployed. When a person feels that he is being cornered in his office and desperately needs a helping hand; then he/she can take one or seven pieces of paper manikins, recite the below mantra:


(The emperor of subtle state, I am watching over the spirits in my alchemy lab. After choosing the armours, come and help me to exorcise evil and support the righteous. The positive energy covers my body and stored in my dantian (丹田) hence stunning all armies.)

After the ritual, rest assure that helps will be around the corner; but he/she must embrace changes and all possibilities as the spirits may perform anything to get the person out of troubles.

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