Sunday, December 14, 2014

Our Careers In This Life & Beyond

When we are young, our parents always told us to study hard, get a degree, get a good job and then settle down.


When we are growing up, we find that there are more jobs in our current life that we must do; and we need to take care of the life beyond too.


I always think that we need to do many jobs concurrently in this life:


·         The worldly job for earning bread and butter; provided of course if you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

·         The not-so-worldly job that we need to do concerning the occult world.

·         The out-of-the-world after death matters or ‘religion’ in short.


My point is that all the three jobs are inter-related and complementary to each other. When we strive to make a living (with some lucky few exceptions), blockages block our progress; so we turn to the supernatural world for solution. But the supernatural worlds are not so dependable even though we have invested in a large quantity of money and time; and at last we turn to ‘religion’ to seek a peace in mind and further to take care of the mysterious after death matters.


Personally, I would think that the occult sciences or magic if you would call it, it in fact ‘religion’ of this material world; while the secular ‘religion’ is the religion of the hereafter. Magic works on the assumptions that our current world can be changed with magic rituals; but ‘religions’ tell us to accept our fates as our current challenges are not the ultimate aim in this life, the hereafter world is.


While we cannot do too many changes with our worldly job: we will need to go to the workplace to face our bosses and fellow workers, we will need to take care of our families and etc. The magic gives us some sort of euphoria and a hope of ‘tomorrow will be better’ which may be a motivational force to move on in life. Religion teaches us to accept our fates and wait for the coming world.


So, our life would be a lopsided one if we only concentrate on one aspect of our jobs:


·         If we only work, work and work; when we have lost our worldly job, we shall feel at a lost and feeling depressed.

·         If we only do magic, then we would not enjoy the world as it is for magic is not dependable; but magic can definitely do wonders in time in our time in need.

·         If we only study religion, then we will always hope for a better hereafter life; which we may or may not enjoy.


It is my opinion that we should work hard to earn money, work magic to smooth things out and then perform religious study for our next life; which no one can escape this eternal curse of sentient beings.


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