Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our Breaths And Temperaments (呼吸与情绪)

 Both of Hindu and Buddhist tantra teachings agree that our breaths affect our temperament. Having said so, the approach of Hindu tantra and Buddhist tantra is quite different; hence the results too are different.


The ancient science of breath is known as ‘swara yoga’ and this teaching merely says:


·         If air flows through left nostril, then a person feels at ease, friendly, happy and tends to be confident and tends to perform other benevolent acts.

·         If air flows through right nostril, then a person is on a more active and on a more muscular side: he/she would do exercises, martial arts, and music or even go to war.

·         If air flows through both of the nostrils, then spiritual energy would grow and hence the person feels ‘emptiness’.


In Hindu swara yoga, the flow of air into our nostril is in accordance with astrological timings. If the flow of air is against the correct astrology, then one should change the flow of air to avoid mishaps from happening. Other than that if there is a desire to change one’s activities then the air flow should also be changed in tune to the correct activity. Also if one thinks he/she is falling sick or if one nostril operates for more than 2 hours in a particular day.


As we can conclude that swara yoga teaches us to tune into our daily activities and make use of breathing technique to avoid disasters; at this point we can say that swara yoga teaches us to live in this mundane world in harmony. No wonder those who follow this teaching of old are progressing and become prosperous. That explains why India is emerging as a emerging economic power house.


On the other hand, Tantric Buddhism advocates the idea of ‘shunyata’ (emptiness) and follows the third option in the hope to prove theory of emptiness is correct. The problem is that as one’s spiritual energy grows, he/she become quieter and calmer. Consequently this person is not interested in doing worldly activities. Needless to say, this is not good for business. If there are too many people engaging in spiritual practices in a country, then this country will definitely fall behind in this competitive world.


Perhaps the Buddha has seen this problem and hence gave out a prediction that Buddhism shall vanish in this world in the end of dharma era? I supposed there are some truths in this as the matter of fact that at the nations where people only engaging in religious ceremonies cannot progress at a quicker step. This is simply religious activities consume money, if there are no people working; who else will generate money for the monks then? If there is no people giving birth, then there shall not be any monks either J!

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