Saturday, December 27, 2014

Stripping Of Magic Retaliations (退身护体)

There is a very good reason why one must and should learn from a qualified master before learning how to cast a death spell on others. Well, there is nothing wrong with cursing others; the problem is when the opponent is too powerful and the black curse is being reversed back to the spell caster. So, if you are cursing on others and when the curse is reversed; what can you do to help yourself?


Hmm… there are many ways of course, one is that the curse you have thrown out shall be absorbed by your guardian spirits; but various Taoist schools have different methods of dealing with this issue:


If you have been visiting the altar of Liu Ren (六壬) or Jin Ying (金英), then you shall notice a covered porcelain bowl filled with water and a piece of green leaf is dip in the water. The purpose of the water is used to absorb magical ambush if any onto the master of the altar.


Other methods available out there are but not limited to:


·         Transferring to rock (寄石)

·         Transferring to objects (寄物)

·         Transferring to trees (寄树)

·         Transferring to sea (寄海)


The rituals for all of the transferring methods are about the same, but there are two ways a curse can be transferred:


·         Hiding of sorcerer’s soul under a rock, tree or sea (藏魂)

·         Transferring the energy of an attack onto an object (寄物)


The only variation is that the ‘soul hiding’ rituals must be done as a precautionary ritual; i.e. the sorcerer’s soul is hid under a rock or tree even before any magic is cast. This hiding of soul should be performed on every 3 year interval.


However, transferring methods can be done right after one has cast a curse onto his/her opponents. For example after I had cast a death curse onto Roy, then I will write this talisman: "勒令退法于某某物代挡"onto an object, such as an umbrella.


The only limitation is that one can only perform the transferring energy method for 72 times in his/her lifetime. For double precaution, many sorcerers would choose to perform both of the curse stripping methods.


I have not seen the stripping of retaliations being practiced in other traditions except Taoist magic, maybe there are similar ones that I am not aware of.


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