Friday, December 19, 2014

From Sword To Flower (花剑恩仇录)

When I was still studying in secondary school some 30 years ago, Hong Kong kung fu movies were very gaining popularity and many of the youths were fans of kung fu. I was one of the fans and I dreamed of becoming a sword immortal (剑仙) one day.


As I heard that there was an old Taoist living in a temple beside Lake Garden, so I started my search and after some efforts, I finally found the old Taoist. Well, at first this old man denied that he was a ‘sword immortal’ but after much conversation and persuasions; he finally said to me:


“If you want to master the art of swordsmanship, first you must master the art of Karate chop. First you should go back to your house and train your wrist power for 100 days. After that, light an incense stick in a dark room and try to use a sword to cut the burning joss stick into equal half with the condition that the incense should remain burning. And after that …”


After listening to what the old man had to say, I figured that that will be over my dead body to become a sword immortal; as I was thinking of dropping the idea and leave…

The old man suddenly asked me if I know how to ‘look at flowers’. Well, what kind of question that was I supposed you might ask? We use our eyes to ‘look’ don’t we?


“Not so.” The old man said. Ordinary folks only concentrate their sights onto the flowers hence by doing so, they cast their own energy onto the flowers and that is indeed a waste of energy.  The experts who know the trick look at flowers with half close eyes and hence absorb the essence of flowers into their body.”


Apparently the old man was teaching me how to use essence of flowers to supplement my own energy and by doing so; I would benefit more on my meditation and Taoist training. That was the heart teaching of the old man I think.


Well, that was not really a joke. When we focus the image of the flowers we see and cast it onto the back of our brain, the action would stimulate our brains and pituitary gland ( 脑下垂体) causing the production of hormone in the maintenance of health. Some occultists believe that the pituitary gland is where our souls leave and enter our body.


How would guessed it that a little trick would bring so much benefits? Do try it out and let me know.


  1. This seems very interesting...

  2. Do I seriously just have to look at the flowers or whatnot with my eyes half-closed, or is there something I don't understand here?

    1. Try these exercises:

      1. Watch the flowers with full concentration
      2. Project the image of the flowers in your brain

      You shall feel tired after projecting your attention onto the flowers.

      You should feel refresh when the image of flowers are cast in your brain.

      Tell me what is your experience if you do try out.

    2. I don't really understand what "project the image in your brain" means, but I tried to look at the flowers with my eyes half closed, assuming it was meant literally. I didn't feel anything, but maybe I just don't feel any difference. I'll try again when I'm more tired.

    3. Just imagine U absorb the essence of flowers into your brains, think of the fragrances and colors. But don't over do it though or you'll fall sleep. Or this exercise is simply does not suit you.