Thursday, December 25, 2014

Palden Lhamo’s 5 Skull Crown (吉祥天母的骷髅冠)

Palden Lhamo

Tantric 5 skull crown belonged to Palden Lahmo medium.
This hat used to be worn by a 90 year old medium in Nepal who was also a Ningma sorcerer. It somehow ended in my hands and the day before I received this beautiful hat, I dreamed of 13 Tibetan ladies in traditional costume holding khata (哈达) welcoming the arrival of the hat.


Later I learnt that the leader of the ladies in my dream was the Snow Mountain Fairy with her 12 sisters. All of them were emanations of Tibetan mountain ranges. Coincidentally, the mountain goddesses are also said to be retinues of Palden Lhamo in Tibetan mythology. Palden Lhamo is equivalent of Sri Devi in Hinduism; although both of them do not look alike.


Well, nothing is too strange about this skull crown except it is a wonderful antique you might wonder? Now, let me tell you a story of amazing power of this hat:


My friend Mr. Wu was said to be possessed by a lady spirit after he went to pray for lucky numbers in front of a lady in red who committed suicide by hanging herself. Not only that Mr. Wu didn’t get the numbers that he wanted, the lady spirit wanted Mr. Wu to accompany her on the other side as she is very lonely as she cannot enter the underworld due to it was still not her time yet.


All of the Taoist mediums refused to help as they said that the lady ghost was too fierce and that she is ordered to seek revenge. That was how Mr. Wu ended up at my place. To tell you the truth, I am not an exorcist and I do not intend to help people like Mr. Wu due to his bad karma. But since Mr. Wu was brought to me by a close friend, I have to help him.


It was a coincidence that the skull crown was on my altar; I picked it up and put the hat onto Mr. Wu’s head and start chanting Palden Lhamo’s mantra: “Jiu~ lamo, jiu~lamo, jiu~jiu lamo…” repeatedly. After a few minutes or so, Mr. Wu started to shiver and fell onto the ground. So we propped him up and sprinkle some cold water onto his face to wake him up.


After Mr. Wu regained consciousness, I asked him what had happened but he only gave me a blank look… apparently he thought that he was still at the cemetery! Since Mr. Wu has nothing wrong, I let him go home.


Did the lady ghost returned to Mr. Wu, perhaps! But I didn’t follow up as I dislike tempering into other people’s bad karma.


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