Monday, December 8, 2014

Give Up Bad Company Vidveshan Spell

Vidveshan spells are Indian folk spells meant to be used to break up relationships between two parties. Below is a harmless Vidveshan spell for breaking up with bad fellows:


If you know that your family members or relatives are mingling with bad companies and with good intention that you want your love ones to leave the bad folks, you should perform the below spell which is safe and it does not harm anyone.


First you must gather some yellow mustard, fenugreek, rye, some dried mango or dhaak wood and also some cremation ashes from cemetery. When the items are readied, perform a fire sacrifice ritual.


You should mix up all items equally and feed the offerings to holy fire while chanting mantra for a total of 216 times.


Om Namo Adesh Guru Satya Naam Ko |

Bahara Sarson |

Terha Raai |

Baat Ki Mithi |

Masaan Ki Chaai |

Patak Maarukar Jalwar |

Amuk (1st name) Foote Dekhan Amuk (2nd name) Dwar |

Meri Bhakti |

Guru Ki Shakti |

Furo mantra Ishwarovacha |

The spell should take effect in a month or so and your love ones will leave the bad companies automatically and happily.


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