Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tantric Fire Puja Costumes (火供服饰)

Fire puja costume for general peaceful ceremony.


Fire puja costume for wrathful ceremony is mainly made of bones. Previously this type of bone costumes were made of human bones, but now days this type of costumes are mainly made of yak or cow bones. A complete set of good bone costumes are very hard to come by and it fetch sky prices. This photo shows an old set about 40~50 years old originated from Tibet.

Tibetan rituals are very intimidating and mysterious. Not only the tantric doctrines are difficult to understand and accepted by general public; the ritual implements are also works of arts and they are harder to find now days especially concerning human bone implements.

Due to my study of Tibetan rituals, I keep a set of each of fire puja costumes. Malaysia is too hot to wear these costumes but I am sure you can feel the power and vibrations by simply appreciating these work of arts. Mind you, both of the costume sets are pretty heavy too!

Peaceful fire puja rituals are done mainly on special occasions: festive seasons, one's birthday, for deliverance services etc. A puja session must be initiated by a second party or the effect is not good. A wrathful fire puja is meant for obstacle removal or for subduing demonic forces, on occasion when a deceased is failed to be delivered during the first 7 days after his/her death, then a overpowering fire puja may be performed at the end of the second 7 day cycle. This is to save the person's soul from being reincarnated into lower realms.

Of course, now days not many masters would wear these types of costumes outside of Himalayans ranges. Perhaps there are, but on very rare occasions in Tropics I am sure.

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  1. Wow where did you get the 5 buddha crown and the hairdress for it ?