Friday, December 5, 2014

Magic For Prevention Of Accidents & Disasters

Maybe you will agree with me that some people are prone to accidents. If you feel that you belonged to this group and whatever you do; however careful you are, accidents would happen to you. Then the below ritual may be for you:


The ritual is to be performed when you are lying in your bed at night before falling asleep. When you are in bed, draw the below diagram with your index finger on the ceiling:

After you are done, just whisper: “The spell spirit in the house, if there is anything that I don’t know approaching at night; please chase it away.” Be careful when you draw the pentagram and the character Xu (), please don’t draw the dot (‘) at the top right corner.


When you wake up first thing in the morning, as soon as you open your eyes; just draw the dot to complete the diagram. People believe that by doing so, no major accidents, disasters or spirits can harm you.


  1. In western occult the 5 pointed star is drawn in different ways depending upon its purpose, for example a banishing pentagram is drawn differently then an attracting pentagram. In this ritual, in what direction is each point of the star connected (the start point, point 2, point 3, point 4, end point)

    1. There is no hard and fast rules in Asian magic about drawing pentagram, but as per norm, it is drawn from left to right horizontally, then to lower left corner, to the top, the lower right corner and back to the left.

      I supposed you can improvise the ritual with the western occult when you see fit...