Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Call From The Other Side (冥界招唤术)

The below is a Vietnamese Taoist ritual meant to catch the soul of an opponent at night after he/she went to bed. The person who has lost his/her soul will feel not him/herself and this person would become insane or met with fatal accidents.


The sorcerer who wants to perform this ritual should be ideally an Ngai master or he/she is commanding a group of military spirits. Otherwise this ritual can be performed in front of an abandoned grave in a cemetery or even a haunted place.


One must choose a black night and bring along some incense and joss papers to his/her Ngai plant or to the grave. The ritual should be performed after 9pm and in a chosen place, he/she should burn the offerings and then make the below request to his lineage masters and the spirits 3 times:


“To the masters and spirits, my purpose to perform this ritual is to seek revenge over so-and-so who has backstabbed me in front of my boss… So please help me. I am your disciple so-and-so now taking a bow.”


After that, the sorcerer should take 3 steps back, first he/she should think of the face of his/her victim and draw first ‘’ and then follows by clockwise circles on his left palm; the number of circles depends on the duration the victim need to suffer before ending his life. This is followed by drawing ‘’, ‘’, ‘天王’, ‘地王’ and ‘玉王’; draw the circles as above. If one draws 7 circles, then the victim will suffer 7 days and 7 months before kaput.


He/she should chant the below mantra 1 time:


“The gods have hearts, human have hearts, thousands of gods and thousands of masters, quickly seal the soul of so-and-so: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7; 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. According to Taisionglokun’s order!”


After reciting the mantra, the sorcerer should hold fist and gently strike towards the tombstone, Ngai plant, haunted tree etc. once and shout ‘Hi!”


The above ritual must be repeated 7 times.


If everything goes well, then the spell would take effect in 3 day’s time. The victim would hear someone calling his/her name at night; it does not matter if the victim answers the call.


It is very important that the sorcerer remembers which place he/she has ‘locked’ his victim’s soul in case he/she want to save this person later.

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