Saturday, December 20, 2014

Yamantaka Vs Thai Magic

Anuttara Tantra practitioners such as Yamantaka or the like would normally look down on other magicians. This is the story of a Yamantaka practitioner versus Thai magician. Both of the persons are my acquaintance and my seniors too. This is the duel that had extended from Thailand to Malaysia; I was somehow caught between and ordered to solve the conflicts of both parties.


The story begins something like this:


About 10 years ago, Arjan Meng, Bro Lim and I were on a holiday trip to Chiang Mai. Since Arjan Meng’s guru and mine was staying there; we paid our guru a courtesy visit and Bro Lim just tagged along as he didn’t have any other programs then.


At my Thai guru’s place, we started casual conversations as per norm just to pass time and to get cozy. Somehow perhaps Arjan Meng wanted to show that Thai Magic is superior or Bro Lim scorned at Arjan Meng’s magic (and mine too) by saying that Yamantaka is superior, a heated argument broke out between the two.


I couldn’t remember all of the conversations between the two, but their words ended with Bro Lim challenged Arjan Meng: “If you said that the Thai Magic is so powerful, then why not catch my soul and cast my soul to hell!” After that there was a long silent but I thought both of them were not too serious about their words, so we continued our trips as usual.


However, Arjan Meng was quite determined to prove his magic power is more superior then that of Yamantaka; and seemed like he tried to find all opportunities to get near to Bro Lim’s shadow in the hope to perform a ritual to ‘lock’ Bro Lim’s soul. Needless to say Arjan Meng wasn’t successful at first as Bro Lim was a season practitioner and he maintained his visualization himself as Yamantaka; hence Arjan Meng’s plot failed.


At the end of our trip to Thailand, three of us visited a pub and accompanied by some social escorts. After a night’s drinks and excitements; all of us were tired so we retired to our room to rest before our morning flight back to Penang.


A few days after we returned from Thailand, Bro Lim complaint that he wasn’t himself and there was someone whispering near his ears. His conditions worsened a week later and after some visitation to doctors, no fault was found on Bro Lim’s health. Seemed like the luck was on Bro Lim’s side, our Rinpoche visited our meditation center and both of us went to see the Rinpoche.


After Rinpoche looked at Bro Lim for a while, he did a Manjushri Divination with his prayer beads and told us that someone has put a death curse on Bro Lim. When Rinpoche interrogated both of us and it was concluded that Arjan Meng has ‘abducted’ Bro Lim’s soul after his one night stand because that is when his soul is at the weakest stage; and that Bro Lim didn’t keep his concentration as Yamantaka at that time too.


When it was clear that it was the work of Arjan Meng, Rinpoche turned to me and said: “I have to leave first thing in the morning, why don’t you perform a subjugation ritual and a week later another pacification fire ritual for Arjan Meng on my behalf since you have completed the course on Yamantaka? After that, if you may, please pay your guru a visit and inform him of what had happened.”


So I performed a Yamantaka annihilation fire ritual and a week later I did another pacification ritual for Bro Lim… Guess what had happened?


A day after the Yamantaka annihilation ritual, I received a call from Arjan Meng requesting for help as his altar suddenly caught fire and he heard loud demonic roars echoing before the fire. The fire has burnt almost entirely of his magical staffs and that he was also burnt quite severely and he was in comma and only regained consciousness a week later…


I gave a report of what has transpired to Rinpoche when he returned from Singapore and he scolded both of us for ‘playing with fire’ as we should not argue and show off our power to Arjan Meng. Had it not for the pacification fitual, Arjan Meng would be gone by now.


Perhaps you would like to attribute the incidents to coincidence, but people from both sides of our lineages know this story well, and we are told not to look down on other’s lineages as well too.


Did I manage to tell Arjan Meng if I was the culprit of his suffering? Certainly I dared not…

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