Friday, December 26, 2014

Palden Lhamo’s Outlook On 2015 (吉祥天母的预言)

I put on the Palden Lhamo’s skull crown last night during my meditation and saw she appeared in front of the sky above me. So I asked her: “Since you came and brought tremendous flood and disasters in o my country; what do you say about the coming 2015?”


Palden Lhamo gave a shriek and said:


“From fire mule (2014) comes the wooden ram (2015) with Agni on it; spring and summer would see progress when the ram has enough to eat. When the ram is starved in autumn and winter; then troubles spread as wild fire engulfing dry woods.”


She further said:


“The development in the center part at the beginning of the year but slows down at the end.


Problems will arise in the east and the condition persists throughout the year and hence it is best to keep this place untouched.


The north shall see some constructions but not free from incidents.


The west shall see very little progress in developments.


The developments in south shall also see little progress.


The southeast and northeast shall see more development activities to come in the first half of the year.


The southwestern activities may come still for the time being.


The northwest shall be at peace for this year.”


So, from Palden Lhamo’s riddles, I think 2015 is only slightly better off compared to 2014; but overall the condition stays the same. It actually was strange that Palden Lhamo came into my vision as this fierce deity is related to wars, disasters and epidemic. I think there will be some kind of epidemic in 2015; but let us just stay tune.


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