Monday, June 22, 2015

Truth About Spirit Possession (鬼上身)


Spirit possession issues are very much misunderstood about by general folks as they are most likely to be influenced by horror movies. Some people are easier to be possessed by spirits while some are less likely. Nonetheless, everyone would be possessed by some entities at one time or another. Also it is not really necessary to perform exorcism rituals for all cases of spirit possessions. Only serious cases need to be dealt with.

Types of spirit possessions

There are many types of spirit possessions:

·         Real spirit possession (实际附体)
·         Thought forms (生灵)
·         Spirit parasites (寄生灵)
·         Residual energy (残余灵)

Real spirit possession

This is the most common form of spirit possession. In this form of possession, a person is possessed by dead human souls and some intelligent animal spirits.

Thought form possession

A person can be possessed by thought forms of others too. A very good personal example is that when I was working with a MNC, the senior manager was disliked by many of his subordinates. So everyone start cursing him every day until this person suddenly suffered from double kidney failure within a 6 month’s period. So, please do not underestimate the power of living thought forms.

Spirit parasites

Spirit parasites can be from one’s own thought forms, insects or animals that have no or very low intelligence. For example the thought form of one’s previous love that has continued to be attached to the person long after the love is ceased. This thought form will sometime recalls the person’s memory of his/her lost love.

Residual energy

Residual energy can be the residual memory of our deceased love ones or pets; or it can be the residual energy that lingers on at a location after some major events such as murders or accidents.

Our impure astral and physical body

Not many people aware that our astral body and our physical body are actually quite contaminated unless physical and spiritual cleansing rituals are carried out. Basically our astral and physical bodies would be loaded combine with some spirit parasites, residual energies, thought forms and dead souls. These energies would at first attach on the outer edge of one’s aura and they would gradually move into our physical body. Dead souls are especially fond of staying in our internal organs such as kidneys as this is where our life force congregates. These spirits would first transform themselves into needle form so that they can penetrate into our organs and absorb the life force.

Traditional medicine view of spirit possession

Contrary to common believes, a spirit does not immediately take control of the subject it possessed. In fact, when a spirit possesses the body of a person, it is latent at first. It only strikes when the time is right to control the subject’s consciousness. When this spirit is taking actions, uncontrolled limb movements would be resulted.

When the spirit is in liver

When a spirit is in our liver, then our limbs would shake and that our body would swing front and back uncontrollably. If we visit a TCM physician, the good doc would say that there is ‘cold wind’ (风寒) in our liver or cold in liver. Then he/she would prescribe medicine for curing cold; most of the time this shall be enough to chase out the spirit.

When the spirit is in stomach

Only when the spirit is very powerful that we would feel a gust of cold gas upwelling causing hiccups.

When the spirit is in heart

We shall feel a sense of chillness in our heart.

If the spirit stays for too long in our body then it may cause cancer.

Just want to point out that if the spirit has a karmic link with a person, then this person shall not be able to find a physician to cure his illness in this life time; unless the karmic link is broken.


I supposed it is safe to say that dramatic spirit possessions such as depicted in western and eastern movies do not exist and will not happen now or in future.

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