Friday, June 19, 2015

Problematic Snake Spirits (蛇灵的问题)

Snake spirits are very much feared of in Chinese and Japanese beliefs. The all famous Chinese fairy tales of ‘legend of the white snake’ (白蛇传) describes the story of a white snake and a green snake that transform into human form and having romance with human being. However, the snake spirits we are discussing here is just ordinary spirits of snakes and their effects to human beings. The Chinese believes that if a snake spirit lives for more than 500 years or so, then it shall have the ability to transform itself in human form.

Generally speaking, it is a taboo not to worship a snake related item inside where human stays because snakes are like foxes, they will attract their kinds and as their number increases; harm shall befallen onto the dwellers of that particular house.

The reason I put much emphasizes on snake spirits is that snakes normally have very deep hatred and when they die; their spirits will transform into intense negative energy that will cause severe harm to our health. For example:

·         Diseases above one’s chest level
·         Mental illnesses such as Neurasthenia (神经衰弱)
·         Brain tumour and related issues
·         Marriage affairs
·         Domestic violence
·         Alcohol intoxication
·         Family issues
·         Skin issues
·         Etc.

Majority of wild spirits in tropics that posses troubles are snake spirits compared to other regions. However, contrary to common believes, it is in urban area that the snake spirits like to congregate so we find that fire incidents, suicides and homicides are frequent and in the increasing mode in addition to the above mention illnesses.

In severe cases, the snake spirit will possess the host and in some instances; when a snake spirit is exorcised out from the body of a person, he/she shall vomit out blood of strong fishy smell.

Snake spirits normally hide in damp forests but they can also be found in a large tree in someone’s backyard or in one’s toilet or in a wet corner of the house. The telltale sign is that snake sightings would be a frequent scene in the house. So, if one keep seeing snakes in his/her house and that he has brain tumour or head injuries; then it is a safe bet that this person is the victim of snake spirits. Actions should be taken immediately for the person may be harmed very soon.

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