Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Investigating Fake Spirit Possessions (假鬼上身)

Believe it or not, even spirit possession is destined? The telltale sign can be found from one’s astrological reading. No kidding! A person doesn’t even have a choice to choose on whether he/she can be possessed or not.

Case 1:

Jenny, Female, 33 years old, born in year of dog said to be 100% taken over by a ghost. Her soul is lost in hell.

Astrological analysis:

Jenny has a weak elemental holding force, for the first 30 years or so, she would not have any accomplishments. Basically this is a dull girl and she has hot tempers. This lady is watched very closely by her father and that she has quite a sharp personality. Not many people can stand her temper. If not treated carefully, this lady may go against the law when time comes. She is best to work in financial sectors but she is not a loyal person, so her boss would need to keep an extra eye on her as she can be a pain in the ass.

The point of this discussion is that Jenny has a very special stars arrangement that she could NEVER be possessed by ghosts because of her hot temper.


Jenny’s actual description does not match her astrological reading. So a site visit was arranged and indeed, she was faking the spirit possession for some reasons.

Case 2:

Jill, Male, a 30 years old spirit medium.

Astrological analysis:

Jill is a fake medium and he can never possess by spirits due to his special star arrangements. Jill’s condition is three times as severe compared to Jenny’s case and due to his quick temper, not only spirits do not approach him; the customers too would find dealing with Jill a challenge.


Since Jill’s spiritual career doesn’t match his astrological chart, he is probably a fake spirit medium.

So, from both of the cases, astrology can be used to give us a hint if a possession is genuine or otherwise.

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