Sunday, June 14, 2015

Till Death Do We Part? (死后还相聚?)

Many people thought if their will power is strong, then they shall be together even after death. Well, that is what always depicted in many ghost stories anyway. So, what is the real situation like then?

What I know is that the above is not necessary true, some death souls will be fetched by his/her ancestors, some spirits would roam about in this physical world until their time are up while many of them would enter the cycle of birth and rebirth.

Another question is that would those death souls see each other when they all die at the same time? Unfortunately, even though a few souls die at the same time and at the same spot; none of them can ‘see’ each other. Most of the time the dead soul would think that it is alone as the surrounding is total dark to them, only some lucky ones would see a spot of light in front of them; unless someone has performed a soul calling or deliverance service, then there is no way for this dead soul to leave the site. This is especially true for those ones die of untimely deaths.

I once performed Phowa deliverance service for a family of 5 and when those dead souls are summoned, none of them saw each other even all were summoned at the same place for deliverance service. Below are some conversations of that time:

F = Father spirit
M = Mother spirit
S = Son spirit
D = Daughter spirit
A = Aunty spirit

Me: “Vajra Sama Jah… Jah! Father, Mother, Son, Daughter and Aunty Tonight I call upon you all to perform Phowa service…”

F: “Where are my wife and my children?”

Me: “They are all around you…”

F: “I don’t see and hear from them… are you kidding me?”

(At another corner, another female voice was heard…)

M: “Where are my husband and children?”

Me: “They are all around you… “

(Another voice of boy and girl was heard…)

S & D: “Wow~ I want my papa and mama!”

(After a while, another female voice was heard…)

A: “Where am I? I am scared…”

At this point I realized that those dead souls cannot see nor hear each other even though they are in a same room! Before things got out of hand, I summoned all dead souls in the room to enter the heart of my Yidam (本尊) and with the shout of “Phat! Phat! Phat!” they have departed to where are supposed to go…

Well… Contrary to common belief, it is not necessary that a dead soul can be delivered into pure land with Phowa deliverance method. There are records that some souls may end up in Hell if the master is not careful… So I can only let the nature take its course.

So, it is best just to let go of everything… and certainly please also forget about “I want to be with you in the next life…” for your own good! You might not like what you see in your next life. 

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