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What Intelligent Ghosts Really Are? (什么鬼?)


Ghosts are very illusive beings, there are believers and disbelievers. The believers would show many photos to proof that ghosts exist. Modern scientific minded folks would say that ghosts are in fact electro-magnetic forces that could be detected by electronic gadgets. If one is not too demanding, then a person can use a compass to detect the presence of ghosts; however care must be taken that one must switch off all his/her electronic gadgets beforehand.

Defining intelligent ghosts

Basically ghosts can be divided into two types:

·         Intelligent spirit
·         Residual spirit

Intelligent spirits are those entities that can react to outside world while residual spirits are just images of a person being recorded down in time to re-enact a horrific event. However, once the surrounding is changed, the residual energy would disperse. A residual energy cannot react to the outside world.

The ghosts that we are discussing here are spirits of intelligent.

Ghosts in the eyes of Buddhist doctrine

It is interesting to say that the view of Buddhists on ghosts varies (unfortunately) on the existence of ghosts. However, majority of Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhists agree that ghosts and other spiritual beings exist; or else we would not have all those spirit deliverance and food offering rituals to these spirits.

In higher tantric teachings such as Anuttara Tantra and Ati Yoga where theory of emptiness take precedence, not only ghosts; Buddha, spirits, bodhisattvas, dharma protectors etc are treated as the reflection of our minds. So if a Buddhist denies the existence of ghosts, then he/she would also need to deny the existence of Amitabah and Pure Land. Because of these euphoric illusions are only creations of our mind.

(Perhaps I should clarify about theory of emptiness: according to theory emptiness, emptiness refers to ‘impermanent’ of a phenomena and not the ‘functionality’ of the item.)

Religious persecutions did occur in Tibet in history due to the disagreement of interpretation of ‘emptiness’. So much for peace loving and compassionate monks under political power struggle… Now back to the ghost story…

What are ghosts?

As we all know, ghosts are spirits of the dead that liger in this physical world. Now, perhaps you would wonder why these dead souls refuse to go to the light when there is still a chance?

According to ‘Tibetan Book Of The Dead’, when one dies the hearing sense becomes most active and one may be frightened on hearing loud noises such as crying or screaming. It is due to extreme fear and hatred that a dead soul refuses to enter the light at first instance. This is similar to human behavior that when one is in fear or pain, he/she would hide in a dark corner rejecting light. It is common human behavior to shy away from light when one felt that he/she is being persecuted. So when a dead soul misses its chance to enter light, it could only wonder in the dark and lost in the darkness forever.

Because these dead souls are electro-magnetic force, it lingers within the dark space and moves aimlessly as if a person moves from one room to another wedged in between door seams; it could neither move forward nor retreat. So this lost soul is as if marginal of a dark room. Hence perhaps now that we can have a little understanding of how ghosts feel at this point.

How ghosts posses our body?

In the eyes of ghosts, our astral and physical bodies appear to be a large sponge. So, unless the ghost is purposely seeking revenge or of other karmic reasons; they would try to avoid being sucked into this big sponge because it would be virtually impossible for a ghost to free itself from the sponge unless the host is dead. So, it is possible for a spirit to be trapped in a physical body for more than 50 years!

Becoming a spirit medium

When a ghost possessed a person due to karmic reasons, the person it possessed would also possesses psychic abilities such as psychic audio and visual. Likewise, it is also due to more powerful ghosts that possess a medium so that he/she can perform exorcism. This is known as ‘use a ghost to catch a ghost’. Of course, once these spirits are delivered and exorcised properly, the person’s psychic ability would be lost simultaneously.

Characteristics of a ghost

Ghosts are pitiful beings and yet it is best to keep them at a distance. Since ghosts are electro-magnetic entities hence they have no form so they can transform themselves into any shapes a person like to see. For example if a person misses his late father, then any ghost can transform itself into the image of the person’s father after reading his/her brainwave. It is also in this matter that one should be careful of ghosts as ghosts always tell lies too!


Ghosts are not something we should be fear of as they always live in pain; yet they are something that we should not deal with due to their deceptive nature. Most of the people who claim to see ghosts are in fact being possessed by ghosts. It is through the ghosts’ visions that people could see other ghosts. The best way to deal with ghosts is to deliver them to the light.

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