Saturday, June 20, 2015

Notes To Occult Consultancies (玄学咨询笔记)

If you are serious about occult sciences and that you are also giving consultancy services, then I would like to share some of my experiences for your reference.

A problem with occult sciences is what I call ‘repeatable advices’. If one ever visited a spirit medium, then you shall find that at times the predictions giving out by the medium is ‘inconsistent’. This is not a problem if one wishes to remain as a ‘spirit medium’ but when one wishes to be a little ‘professional’ and that this professional occultist consults of more than 5 persons at one time, then a very reliable prediction and repeatability are essential.

For example: a businessman would suddenly gives me a call requesting reading of a particular time as he would need to make an urgent and important decision. So it become important that what I told this gentleman a month ago is the same as what I am telling him at that moment.

Basically all forms of forecasting methods such as crystal ball techniques up to the soul palace visiting method are pretty illusive and vary according to individual magician. Now what I need is a method to solve this ambiguity. I would normally choose to use astrology as a method to guide my subsequent rituals.

This is especially important to me as my preliminary investigations as from an astrological chart I would be able to derive 4 possible outcomes:

·         The person is lying, the case is dismissed.
·         The person is not lying; the case needs to be looked into.
·         The person is not lying; the case cannot be handled.
·         The person is not lying; there are problems with the given info.

Astrology reading will give me info of the person’s boundary limits and his/her ups and downs. So, if the person’s requests are out of boundaries; then I would need to decline the requests.

Let me just put down two examples to show what I meant:

Example 1:

Madam Chen wanted to know her fortune and relationships with her daughter. From her data, Madam Chen’s daughter belongs to ‘goat’ as recorded in the astrological chart. Strangely when I visited her soul palace, I saw a horse was tied in front of Chen’s soul palace. After some considerations and checking, I found it was true that Chen’s daughter indeed belongs to ‘horse’ and not goat.

Strangely also that Chen’s soul palace is made of weeds and that explained why Chen’s fortune wasn’t good too and that coincides with the astrological reading.

Example 2:

Mr. Lim was having many troubles in his business. So he came and seeks consultation. On checking his astrology chart, he was having too much fire elements such that all his money is burnt. Upon checking his soul palace, found his place was smoky black. So I performed cleansing ritual and asked him to dip in water for half an hour. Guess what?  One day after performing the ritual, he got new business proposal!

From the above examples, I can safely see that astrology and magic should work side by side especially when one’s customer base is large. Perhaps it is time to manage magic business systematically to build up a professional reputation.

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